Mini SIM & Memory Card Reader (CR-1370p)

Item number 15893 - This product is no longer available in the current Trust assortment.


USB 2.0 memory card reader that works with all common used memory cards and phone SIM cards to transfer your pictures and videos to your computer

  • Works with all common used memory cards
  • Supports phone SIM card
  • Including SIM card software
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Including protective USB cap

Item number: 15893
EAN-code: 8713439158939
Warranty: 3 years
Product size (HxWxD): 84x27x12mm
Product weight (net): 38 g

Package contents
  • USB 2.0 card reader with protective cap
  • CD-ROM with software
  • User’s guide
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • USB port (USB 2.0 recommended)
Installation and configuration

If your memory card is in the table in the system requirements page, all sizes are supported.

Yes, but make sure you check the requirements in the SDXC Guide.
Note: the speed of file transfer from/to SDXC cards may vary.
Supported SIM cards:
  • 128 kB and 256 kB sizes.
  • 2G SIM cards (old)
  • 3G/4G SIM cards (newer)
  • Micro SIM: only supported with a card adapter.
Note: if you have problems accessing your Simcard, please contact your Mobile provider for a solution. Your card might need replacement.
Solving problems
  • Make sure the memory card is not locked against writing (move switch on the side of the card)
  • Make sure the memory card has enough space left.
  • Files bigger then ~4 Gigabytes are not supported. For this, use an external NTFS formatted harddisk.

Note: SDXC cards also support files bigger then ~4 Gigabytes.

Drivers Manuals

Type: Quick install manual

Language: Multilingual

Version: 1.0

Size: 0,24 MB

Product information CE documents
Warranty conditions
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  • In case of defect, return the product to your reseller with failure description, proof of purchase and all accessories.
  • During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the reseller if available.
  • For missing accessories such as manual, software or other items, contact our Service Centre.
  • Warranty will be void in cases of opened products, physical damage, misuse, modification, repair by unauthorised persons, carelessness and using the product for other purpose than its intended use.
  • Exclusions of warranty:
  • Damage caused by accidents or disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, war, vandalism or theft.
  • Incompatibility with other hardware/software not defined as minimum system requirements.
  • Accessories such as batteries and fuses.
  • In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, including any loss of business profits or any other commercial damages, arising out of the use of its product.


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