Everything you need
to go back to the office

Are you ready?

It’s been quite a ride, but we’re finally getting ready to get back to the office again. And while it’s great to see our co-workers again with our own eyes, we’ve grown accustomed to working from home, too. A lot of your colleagues are choosing to divide their work time in working from home and coming to the office. Is your company ready for this new hybrid form of doing business?

Meeting room

In an age where digital meetings are growing ever more popular, you need equipment that’ll help you stay in touch with your team. The IRIS is such a life saver; a 4K UHD conference camera that anyone can operate. Up to 8 people can fit in a meeting room, with the IRIS picking up everything that’s being said for the colleagues or business associates that are working from home (or from the other side of the world).

Double equipped

Are your team members double equipped to work from home and the office? Trust offers a wide range of computer accessories, like keyboards, mice, webcams and headsets, that’ll help you stay productive everywhere. The TKM-350 for example; a wireless keyboard-and-mouse set that’s great for working from home, while the wired TKM-250 variant is better suited for the office. Our headsets, like the HS-250 or HS-200, and webcams like our TW-250 2K QHD webcam, will make sure everyone is heard and seen during digital meetings.

Ease of use

If you’ve got the flexibility to both work from home and from the office, connectivity is key! Laptops come with fewer and fewer connections, so dongles are a must-have accessory. Take the Dalyx 10-in-1 for example; connect a monitor (up to 4K in resolution!), four USB 3.2 Gen 1 devices (with transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps), ethernet and an additional USB-C device, while only using a single USB-C connector on your laptop. There’s even an SD and microSD-card reader for versatility. And if all that’s too much for you, there are Dalyx 7-in-1 and Halyx 4-port hubs as well. Designed to work without hassle; plug in your laptop and go!

On the move

Working from home one day, working from the office the next; it requires a safe way to transport your laptop. Our Atlanta laptop bags are great for anyone who needs to be on the go with the proper equipment. More than enough space for your laptop and accessories, with pads to protect them from damaging. And the best part (at least, we think so!) is that they’re almost completely made from recycled materials. Our Clevergreen initiative will help reduce waste, and our Atlanta laptop bags are just one way of creating a better future.

Back to the office

Versatility is so important now that we’re switching between our home and office more often. Thankfully. Trust has clever solutions for everything. Well, almost everything… Who was responsible for watering the plants when we were working from home?

Back to the meeting room

At home you use our webcams and at the office you use the IRIS. Trust has clever solutions for everything. Well, almost everything… You need to remember to dress for the office yourself.

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