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The accessories that work for you

As you suddenly find yourself working from home these days, you might discover that your own setup is not quite office-worthy. A keyboard that makes typing a chore, a mouse that hasn’t clicked since 2009 and a blurry webcam are not a guarantee for success. The right tools can make working remotely much more convenient. Here are the Trust accessories that will enhance productivity and make working from home much easier.

Working from home?

Find the essentials for your ideal setup

Mouse and keyboard

As the mouse and keyboard are the hardest working accessories that see the longest of hours, you might as well choose for comfort. Allowing your hand and arm to rest in a natural position, an ergonomic design will prevent pain and strain. Every tiny mouse movement and key press adds up; using the right mouse and keyboard will make a huge difference at the end of the day. You can also opt for a silent mouse and keyboard design if those around you are easily distracted by your clicking and typing sounds.

Be comfortable. When working long hours, pay attention to your posture. Make sure you get up and stretch between tasks.

Multi-port hub

Don’t let wires tangle up your home desk. Organise your wiring by plugging all accessories into one USB hub. With a range of USB hubs that cover all sorts of connections, you can attach old and new accessories alike; from HDMI cables to microphones and SD cards. Regain control and maintain order from your laptop or PC.

It’s as they say; clear your desk, clear your mind. Keeping things organised will improve your focus.


Get into focus mode with the right headphones. A quality pair of headphones with crystal clear audio and soft cushioning adds comfort to your conference calls. Whether you’re connecting with colleagues, or listening to your music while typing, let the background fade and tune into the present moment with a good pair of headphones.

Find a routine that works for you. Set work hours and schedule short breaks to stay productive.


Keep in touch with colleagues (and friends and family). With a webcam you’ll be face to face when it matters most. Made for use with all video conferencing programs, offering high-resolution video and crystal clear sound, you can connect instantly and discuss business comfortably.

Stay in touch with colleagues. Check-in regularly with teammates and don’t hesitate to ask for help and feedback.