Come and Go

Whether you are home or not home; control your home automatically, with a smartphone or remote control.


Situation Trust Smart Home Solution Transmitter Receiver
You’re not at home, so your house looks dark and empty. You would like to have some lights go on/off automatically, so it looks like someone is at home With the ATMT-502 Timer Remote you can program up to 12 different timers, so your lighting goes on/off at random or fixed times. The remote control works with every COCO receiver, such as the AC-200 that can be placed in any indoor socket.
You come home in the dark and the outdoor lights are off, so you can barely see where you walk. With the AKCT-510 Keychain Remote Control you can turn on your outdoor lighting wirelessly, so you always have enough light before you get out of your car. Moreover, by installing an ACM-1000 Build-in Switch in the hallway you can turn on your indoor lights simultaneously.
You are away from home. However, it is starting to get dark outside and there are no lights on in your house. When you come home you would like to have some lights turned on. With the Internet Control Station (ICS-2000), you easily switch your lights on with your smartphone in different rooms in your house, while you are not at home. Of course, you also have the possibility to program timers with your Internet Control Station.