Control your lights and devices in your garden


Trust Smart Home Solution



You are reading the newspaper outside on your patio. After a while, you are sitting in the sun. To lower the awnings, you have to go inside while you would rather keep on reading.

The ASUN-650 receiver is developed for electric blinds, curtains and awnings. By connecting the ASUN-650 to the motor wiring, you can control your awnings from anywhere in and around your house with the press of a button of the AYCT-102 Remote Control.





You would like to activate the lighting in your garden with an outdoor motion sensor, but you do not want to install electrical wiring across the garden.

The APIR-2150 Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor works on batteries, is IP64 splash proof, has a large detection range and can be mounted anywhere. It’s perfect to switch the lights on when motion is detected and is also automatically switches off the lights after a programmable time. Insert an AGDR-3500 Outdoor Socket Switch in an outdoor socket and your garden lights will automatically turn on when motion is detected.






Night falls while you are sitting outside at the table with your guests. You would like to turn on the lights without having to get up in the middle of the conversation. 

With a single push on the button of your AYCT-102 Remote Control you can directly turn on your outdoor lighting. Of course, it is also possible to use the ABST-604 Wireless Light Sensor that automatically switches on the lights when it gets dark. For outside use, the ACM-3500-3 receiver can be combined with the OWH-002 Waterproof Junction Box. A perfect combination for outdoor lights, pool/pond water filter, etc.