Living Room

Whatever you are doing in your home, get comfortable and control your home automatically, with a smartphone or remote control






You are in the middle of an exciting book and you would like some more light. Unfortunately, the light switch is located at the other end of the room, while you would rather stay seated so you can keep on reading.

By installing the AWMD-250 Mini Build-in Dimmer behind a single wall switch, you can also control your lights with the AYCT-102 Remote Control. The wall switch remains operational, so you can keep on using it as before.







You would like to have a light switch near the kitchen table, so you don’t have to walk to the door to turn on the lights. However, you would rather not use a milling cutter in order to install the required electrical wiring in the wall.

The AWST-8800 Wireless Single Wall Switch can be placed anywhere, without cable hassle or high voltage. This means you can have a wall switch anywhere you like. The wireless wall switch can be combined with all Trust Smart Home receivers, e.g. the build-in switch ACM-1000.

By combining 2 wireless wall switches, you can easily create a wireless multiway switch. This allows lighting to be controlled from either end.






You are sitting comfortably on the couch with your smartphone/tablet. However, it is starting to get dark outside and you want to switch on some of your lights. Also, you would like to dim the lights in your living room to set the right mood.

Use the ICS-2000, Internet Control Station in combination with a smartphone/table and WiFi connection to control your lighting. You can also combine different light setting into scenes, which you can activate by the push of a button. It is even possible to program different timers, so your lights switch on and off automatically.