Ergonomics meets gaming: Trust Gaming GXT Rexx

Dordrecht, the Netherlands (November 2018) – Trust Gaming is about to revolutionize the world of gaming by introducing a mouse like no other: the Rexx Vertical Gaming Mouse. This vertical mouse changes the position of your arm and wrist, thereby preventing strain. Comfort won’t be an issue for even the longest gaming sessions with this mouse – ergonomics without compromising your gaming needs.


- To advance your gaming career, it is necessary to make steady progression. No champion is built in one day. After hours of practice, discomfort and injuries may hold you back from rising through the ranks. The ergonomic, vertical layout of the Rexx Gaming Mouse prevents strain by bringing your underarm and wrist into a natural position. This relaxes the muscles in your hand, wrist and arm. With this perfect grip, you can exercise complete control over your in-game enemies.

A vertical mouse not for gamers? League of Legends player Kold from the Unicorns of Love tested the Rexx: “Thanks to the vertical design, you can game comfortably for hours. It can help you battle conditions like RSI.” Coach Sheepy has seen these injuries before: “You don't want to risk your career because you cannot play anymore. That has happened so many times in LoL. This mouse helps you with a prolonged playing experience and makes you perform better on the highest level. When you want to prevent injuries, this should be your go-to mouse.”



Simply plug in the Rexx and you have access to the Pixart PMW3325DB high-grade optical gaming sensor and a DPI up to 10.000 for accurate control. On top of that, the mouse has a guaranteed maximum tracking speed of a 100 inches per second – 20G acceleration. Also, the advanced software allows you to alter the 6 programmable buttons, so the mouse is perfectly adjusted to your preferences. Whatever challenge you accept, with the Rexx vertical gaming mouse, you’re programmed to win comfortably.

Check out all the mouse’s features and take a look at the full interview with Kold and Sheepy.


Trust Gaming GXT Rexx



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