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Racing simulator adapter


Racing simulator adapter to transform any gaming/office chair into a full racing setup

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GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Visual
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Visual
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Side
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Front
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Visual
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Visual
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Side
GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter-Front

Product video

Unlock the Champion

Do you have what it takes to be a racing game champion, but do you lack space for a racing seat? Trust has got you covered. The GXT 1150 Pacer is the easiest way to turn any office or gaming chair into a full fledged racing seat with space for your favourite steering wheel, pedals set and gear shifter*.

*Steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter not included.

Key features


All you have to do to become a race car driver is remove the two front wheels of your office chair and attach the Pacer. This racing seat adapter is fully adjustable, from the height of the steering wheel plate to the distance and angle of your pedals. There’s even enough space on the steering wheel plate for a gear shifter. And when you’re done, it’s just as easily detached and stored.

Drive Hard

Becoming a racing champion isn’t easy; you’ll need gear that can keep up. The Trust GXT 1150 Pacer is made of strong metal, making this adapter sturdy and reliable. It can withstand any driving style. So don’t hold back when you’re about to overtake the competition.


As a racing game fanatic, you want to use your favourite gear. That’s why the Pacer is universal. It works with virtually any racing wheel, pedals set and gear shifter, for any platform you desire. It doesn’t even matter what office or gaming chair you like to use. Virtually any office chair on wheels will do.




Height of main product (in mm)
770 mm
Width of main product (in mm)
550 mm
Depth of main product (in mm)
1019 mm
Total weight
10000 g


screw set


Suitable surface
carpet/laminate/parket/resin floors/floor tiles

Extra information

Item number
EAN code
1 year
Package contents

Racing simulator adapter (including pedal base and steering wheel base)

Assembly materials

User guide

System requirements

Preferred racing gear (steering wheel, pedals, gear shifter)

Gaming/office chair on wheels

Starbase size compatibility 12-42cm between chair wheels

Flat surface area 150x75cm





Version 1.0 | Multilingual
Quick install manual

Size: 16.54 MB
Type: pdf


Commercial leaflet

Type: pdf

Extended commercial leaflet (not a guidebook)

Type: pdf
faq FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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