Power/Energy Protector Warranty

The confidence Trust has in the safety provided by its Power/Energy Protectors is further emphasized with this 'Connection Warranty'. The 'Connection Warranty' provides compensation up to a value of Euro 25,000 for all damage to connected appliances caused by peak voltages and lightning strikes.

Trust offers every user a 'Connection Warranty' for the Trust Power/Energy Protectors, which automatically protect all the appliances connected to it against peak voltages and lightning strikes. The special 'Connection Safety Policy' for Trust Power/Energy Protectors implies that compensation up to a maximum value of Euro 25,000 will be paid for all damage to appliances connected to the Power/Energy Protector caused by the reasons given above during the life span. The warranty process is simple: when the user of this Power/Energy Protector completes the web form available on this site within 10 days of the damage occurring, the Trust Service Centre will contact the owner.


The special connection warranty only applies to the Power/Energy Protectors purchased after 1st May 2002.

Trust Products (hereinafter to be called Trust) will, under the conditions stated below, either replace, repair or provide reimbursement for the Trust Power Protector and/or equipment connected to it when these are damaged as a result of peak voltages or a lightning strike. Trust will reimburse an amount which is equal to the reasonable market value, the repair costs or replacement cost of the device, which ever is the lowest, up to a maximum as stated below:


Paxxon 1000VA UPS with 4 standard wall power outlets
Item no.: 23504
Maximum amount: 20000
Cover period: Life span


  • This policy is only valid in member states of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey.
  • This connection protection insurance policy is not the certificate of guarantee for your Trust product. For the product guarantee, please refer to Trust's limited guarantee conditions, the valid national consumer legislation and the rights of consumers against the retail trade. The conditions stated there do not affect the conditions stated in these guarantee conditions.
  • The equipment for which a claim is being made (Power/Energy Protector and/or any connected equipment) must have been damaged by peak voltages or a lightning strike and must have been connected to one of the Power/Energy Protectors listed above.
  • This guarantee is only valid for the original owner who is in possession of the original proof of purchase. This connection protection insurance policy is not valid without the original proof of purchase.
  • This connection protection insurance policy is only applicable for the products mentioned above which were purchased as new after 1st May 2002.
  • 'Life span' is understood to mean the life span of the product for as long as it is in the possession of the original owner.
  • The reasonable market value is the current retail market value for the same or a similar model with similar functions as indicated by Trust at the time of acceptance or approval of the claim.
  • All claims for damage based on this connection protection insurance policy must be submitted within 10 days, after the day on which the stated damage to the connected equipment occurred.
  • All connected equipment must be approved according to the valid CE standards and have the CE identification mark.
  • The Trust Power/Energy Protector must have been connected to a correctly wired and earthed plug socket. No extension leads, adapters, other earth cables, electrical connections, current protectors or other safety power points may have been used. The electrical circuit must satisfy all applicable standards with regard to electricity and safety.
  • For the Power Protector 515P, the telephone cable must also be correctly connected and installed.
  • Trust maintains the right to inspect, or have inspected, the damaged Trust Power/Energy Protector and the damaged equipment which was connected to the Power Protector, as well as the location where the damage occurred.
  • All costs incurred in transporting the equipment to Trust for inspection are to be met by the owner. Trust maintains the right to negotiate the cost of repair. If Trust, at its own discretion, finds that it is not feasible to transport the damaged goods to Trust, Trust can, at its own discretion, appoint a service engineer to inspect the damaged equipment and to make an estimate of the cost of repair. Any costs for the transportation of the equipment to the service engineer and for making this estimate are to be met by the owner.
  • Damaged equipment must remain available for inspection until the claim has been settled in full.
  • In the case of compensation at a realistic market value, Trust maintains the right to request you to transfer the rights of ownership and the equipment concerned to Trust.
  • There is no cover for damage caused as a result of using the Trust product for any other purpose than its intended use.
  • There is no cover for damage caused by anything other than peak voltages to the Trust Power/Energy Protector circuit, with the exception of damage, as a result of peak voltages, to telephone connections for as far as the Trust product is intended to offer protection against this.
  • There is no cover for damage caused by accidents or disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, war, vandalism, theft, erosion, normal wear, deterioration, ageing or damage due to faults in or unauthorized alterations to the low-voltage supply.
  • This connection protection insurance policy becomes invalid after incorrect use, misuse, the reversal of polarity, modification, carelessness or when the Trust product is altered in any way whatsoever.
  • In the case of no cover or an invalid connection protection insurance policy, costs incurred by Trust will be recovered from the applicant.
  • Trust is in no way whatsoever liable for incidental, exceptional, indirect, multiple or consequential damage, such as the loss of income, profit or savings, equipment being put out of operation, the loss of software or information, claims made by third parties, personal injury, nor work necessary to repair the damage.

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