Trusty robot assists Media Markt shoppers

Rotterdam, 16th of July 2015 - Media Markt has a new employee which has its own operation manual: Trusty. This robot welcomes store visitors of Media Markt Rotterdam and shows them where certain products can be found.

As the name already implies, Trusty is developed as a shared idea of Media Markt Rotterdam and the company Trust. Both companies are aware that robots are becoming more and more important in today’s world. Therefore they launched the first robot to assist Dutch shoppers.
Marcel Capitein, the director of this Media Markt store, is very enthusiastic about his latest innovation. He indicates that Trusty not only assist the shoppers, but also increases their shopping experience. “Of course Trusty is not meant to replace our current store employees, but is meant as a fun gadget to emphasize our innovative character”.

Trust CEO and Founder, Michel Perridon adds “Trust will develop products in the upcoming years that will surprise customers as it has already done for over 25 years. Trusty is a way of showing people that we can fulfill that promise in the near future”.

After the introduction of Trust on Thursday the 16th of July already numerous shoppers stopped at Trusty and used here advice and information. Even a lot of laughter is heard, since the robot has some nice jokes to tell. Next to the shoppers, Dutch press got word of this innovative and fun gadget. Trusty was mentioned in several big Dutch newspapers. Even Dutch television stopped by to create a news report. 

How Trusty works
Visitors of the Media Markt, in the center of Rotterdam, can enjoy a warm welcome when Trusty welcomes them at the entrance. Next, visitors are informed by Trusty where they can find the Trust assortment. Visitors are informed by Trusty in English and can additionally use the interactive screen on her chest. Via the search function, shoppers can find the product they are looking for. Trusty then directs them to the right aisle. This innovative robot is also able to answer product questions. As a fun addition the can also tell you where she lives and what the best store in Rotterdam is.
About Trust
For over 25 years, Trust offers a broad assortment of value-for-money accessories for desktops, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, etc. All of these products are presented based on the company’s mission to make quality accessible for everyone.