Wireless Security

Protect your home from unwanted intruders with the wireless Trust Smart Home alert system






 Remote Control Magnetic Contact Sensor Wireless Infrared Sensor Wireless Siren Wireless Security System
  • Disarm your alarm system when you come home or when you wake up
  • Arm your system before you go to sleep or when you leave your home
  • Secure 2-way communication at 868 Mhz

  • The magnetic contact sensor can be placed at any door or window
  • Easy to install; no need to call an electrician
  • Long battery life and battery low indication to make sure the system always works

  • Detects movement from unwanted visitors in your home
  • Comes with infrared-sensor, useable at night
  • Horizontal detection angle of 120 degrees; range up to 15 meters
  • The siren will produce a loud sound (100 Decibel) when any of the connected sensors is triggered.
  • The wireless siren can be placed at any indoor or outdoor location
  • The siren constantly checks the connected wireless sensors to make sure your home remains secure
  • Complete set to protect your home from unwanted visitors
  • The included sensors alert you, via the loud siren, when a door or window is opened or when motion is detected
  • You can add multiple sensors and/or remote controls