Get started with Google Home/Assistant!

Do you own a Google Home or other device with Google Assistant and do you have Trust Smart Home products? Read more about how you can connect the Trust Smart Home products to Google. You will need: a smartphone and a Google Home / Mini, Trust Smart Home receivers, an ICS-2000 or Z1!

Follow these steps in order to use Google Assistant and Trust Smart Home together.

1. Download the Google Home app.


2. In the Google Home app, press the Add button.

LED Lamps


3. Next, go to Set up device.

LED Lamps


4. Select Have something already set up? under Works with google.

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5. Search for Trust Smart Home by pressing the looking glass in the top right of the screen.

LED Lamps      LED Lamps


6. Log in with your Trust Smart Home credentials (those used when logging into the Trust Smart Home app).

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7. Your smart home devices are now synchronized with Google Home – you may also place them in rooms from this screen, if desired.

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8. Now you can control your smart home devices. Try saying:
- “Ok Google, turn on the Desk light.”
- “Ok Google, turn the Desk light violet.”
- “Ok Google, dim the Desk light by 50%.”
- “Ok Google, activate Movie Time.” (scene)