Combine Trust Smart Home with Olisto (Triggi)

Make your Trust Smart Home products even smarter with the free Olisto app. With this app ICS-2000 users can link their Trust Smart Home  products to products such as Toon / Nest, Fitbit, Philips Hue, etc*. Or use the current weather forecast to operate your Trust Smart Home products. Create your own rules or "triggs" with the Olisto app and the ICS-2000 control station. View the possibilities below.



Download the Olisto app



Endless possibilities



Link Trust Smart Home products to personal triggs


Control your Trust Smart Home products with the current weather forecast. For example, use the ASUN BLINDS SWITCH ASUN-650 Automatically lower your shutters / blinds as soon as the sun shines brightly or goes up quickly when it starts to rain.


Regulate the temperature in your home via your Toon / Nest thermostat. As soon as the temperature rises above 23 degrees, for example, the BUILT-IN SWITCH ACM-2300H will make sure your ventilation is switched on automatically.


No more guessing whether you have turned off the lights when you leave. With the geo-fencing function your lights switch off as soon as you leave home. You also never have to come home in the dark, since the lights will automatically turn on when you are almost home. **


Never forget an important appointment from your agenda. For example, link the LED lamps to an agenda item. The lights will automatically flash when it is almost time to go to that dinner. It is therefore no longer necessary to remind the rest of your family about this.


Make sure that your home is always protected, even if you are unexpectedly away from home. Thanks to the special geo-fencing function your WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEM ALSET-2000 will automatically switch on when you leave home. When you are almost at home, the security system automatically switches off again. **


Do not miss a football highlight! Link the LED lamps with the team you want to follow, as soon as your team scores, the lamps will start flashing. This way you are always aware of the current score. Ideal if you are not able to watch or when the competition ends.



*Support is provided for controlling all current Trust Smart Home receivers, such as ALED lamps, ACD switches and ASUN sun protection switch.

**To be able to use geo-fencing location services must be switched on on your smartphone (these are automatically switched off in the energy-saving mode). In addition, there must be a working internet connection.