Control your lights and devices in your bathroom



Trust Smart Home Solution



You want an (extra) light switch in the bathroom to control the lights and ventilation fan. However, this means you would have to take a milling cutter in order to install the required electrical wiring in the wall.

Connect the lighting to an ACM-1000 receiver. In most cases, the ventilation fan can also be connected to an ACM-1000. Simply stick the AWST-8802 Double Wireless Wall Switch to the wall you prefer. Now, you can separately control your lights and ventilation fan, without cable hassle or high voltage.





People often forget to turn off the lights in the bathroom or toilet.

The AWST-6000 Wireless Indoor Motion Sensor turns on the lights as soon as someone enters the room. There is no need to buy additional lights, because the ACM-1000 fits in your existing ceiling box. When no more motion is detected, the lights will automatically turn off (programmable from 5 seconds to max. 10 minutes)