Control your lights and devices in your bedroom




Trust Smart Home Solution



You have a nice wardrobe with sliding doors and built-in lighting in your bedroom, but there’s no room for a light switch.

Place the AMST-606 Magnet Switch onto the sliding doors of your wardrobe and connect the wiring of the lights to the ACM-1000 Build-in Switch. Now, when you open/close the door of your wardrobe, the lights will automatically go on/off.





You like to watch TV or read a book in your bed at night, but you are tired of getting out of bed to turn off the lights.

Install the AWMD-250 Mini Build-in Dimer behind the single light switch in your bedroom. After that, it’s possible to control your lights wirelessly (on/off and dimming) with the AYCT-102 Remote Control. The existing wall switch still works for regular manual use.