Trust Gaming at Gamescom 2018

Dordrecht, the Netherlands (August 2018) – Last year at Gamescom, visitors got a look at the Trust Gaming products for the first time and see the #buildingchampions philosophy in action. This year, Trust Gaming is back at Gamescom and will reveal a new champion. After months of designing, building and tuning, the GXT Raptor gaming car is ready to take over Gamescom. And it has only one mission: to bring gaming to everyone.

This mission cannot be completed by just any car. The custom grill shows that this is not a normal Raptor, it is a GXT Raptor and it is all about gaming. The car is wrapped and outfitted with upgraded push bar, LED lights, rims and tires to drive through the wildest surroundings. During those long and tough drives, passengers can game on the two PS4 Pros and two big screens on the front seats of the car, even while the car is moving!

The drone platform on the steel frame allows for secret reconnaissance missions to find the perfect spot. Once the car has arrived at its destination, the real fun begins. 4 high-performance gaming PCs completed with the latest Trust Gaming gear slide out of the trunk within minutes, setting up the ultimate Battle Royale booth. The GXT Raptor has now brought gaming anywhere and everywhere.

When the rough drives are over, it’s time to party! A good time is ensured with the car’s tailormade high-end 9.000 Watt audio system. The military case on the roof features a DJ setup where hosts, casters or artists can show up through the roof and grab the mic anytime. Or watch the hottest live streams on the big screen on the rear of the car with friends and other fans.

Take a look at the GXT Raptor at the Trust Gaming booth where various professional gaming teams, influencers, casters and hosts will welcome you. You can also play the latest Ubisoft games with Trust Gaming gear at the Ubisoft booth in hall 6 as they will provide all gaming peripherals.


Trust Gaming booth B2C

Hall 5.1 C-012

Trust Gaming booth B2B

Marketpoint Hall 2.1


Not going to Gamescom? You will find the GXT Raptor on major gaming events throughout Europe.


About Trust Gaming
Trust Gaming provides value for money gaming accessories for PC and console. The company offers a diverse line-up of products for beginners up to professional gamers. Trust cooperates with various pro gamers to provide young players with suited gear for every budget. In this way, reliable peripherals are created that allow gamers to reach their full potential. Trust strives to build the next generation of champions.

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