Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000

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Estação de controlo via internet ICS-2000

A solução ideal para controlar e monitorizar sem fios a sua casa e desfrutar do máximo conforto e segurança

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Características principais

  • Controle as suas luzes e equipamentos com o smartphone ou tablet*
  • Monitorize a sua casa com sensores e receba notificações push de alerta no seu smartphone/tablet
  • Programe temporizadores para dispositivos/cenas (incluindo o reconhecimento de nascer/pôr-do-sol)
  • Configure cenários e temporizadores diferentes para automatizar luzes, ecrãs, etc., através do editor de regras intuitivo
  • App gratuita disponível para iPad, iPhone e tablets e smartphones Android
  • Todos os membros da família podem ligar os respetivos dispositivos móveis
  • Comunicação segura com encriptação AES e SSL
  • Multiplataforma: design orientado para o futuro, com base no suporte de várias tecnologias: Smart Home 433/868 MHz e ZigBee HA/LL*
  • For more information about Zigbee and our mobile application; take a look on the Zigbee page!

Optimize your wireless range

For an optimum wireless Zigbee range, place your control station in a central location to the house or general area. Preferably in the same room where your Zigbee bulbs are located; for example in your living room. Keep adequate distance from walls, metal objects / tubes and other devices such as routers, cordless landline phones, baby monitors and Bluetooth devices.

Set to action

Create the perfect ambience instantly without getting up from the couch with the Trust ZYCT-202 Remote Control with Wall Mount. With just one touch of a button, you can now turn lights on/off and smoothly dim and create the perfect atmosphere in your home.With this ZigBee remote control, you can easily manage multiple lights at the same time. Use the five groups to operate five separate lights or add up to four lights to every group (control a total of 20 lights with a single remote!). Press the smart group function to turn all lights on or off simultaneously. Combine your Trust Smart Home products with the international Amazon EchoGoogle Assistant or with Siri Shortcuts.  You can also make your Trust Smart Home products even smarter with the free Olisto app.

Set for security

With the ICS-2000, you can create the impression that you are always at home at night. The Control Station allows you to turn on and off your lighting at a fixed time or at sunrise or sunset. Leave home with a secure feeling! Furthermore, you can set to receive push notifications when movement is detected. This allows you to act quickly when unwanted visitors want to enter your home.

Easy to install

Connect the ICS-2000 with your modem or router via the supplied network cable and download the free Trust Smart Home app on your iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. You can now set up as many as 16 rooms (e.g. living room/bathroom/garden, etc.) and add as many as 200 Trust Smart Home receivers.

Global operation

Since the ICS-2000 is connected to the internet, you can control your devices everywhere around the world. The ICS-2000 is easy to operate with multiple smartphones or tablets, allowing all family members to operate the network. The system is based on secure communication (AES-128 and SSL), ensuring optimal security!


Height of main product (in mm) 33 mm
Width of main product (in mm) 127 mm
Depth of main product (in mm) 12 mm
Total weight 586 g
Wireless range 120 m
Wireless protocols Zigbee
Power source wall socket
Input voltage of main device 5 V
RAM Memory size 3 MB
Internal Flash Memory size 256 kB
Controls on/off
Indicators Power on/off

informação extra

Geral Número do artigo:
Código EAN:
Garantia :
1   ano
Peso do produto (líquido):
586 g
Conteúdo da embalagem Octopus control station Transformador Cabo LAN/rede Cabo P1 (funciona com contadores de energia inteligentes compatíveis com DSMR, equipados com uma porta P1)* Português manual do utilizador
Requisitos de sistema Compatível com todos os produtos Trust Smart Home equipados com o sistema de código automático. Estes podem ser identificados pela letra A no início do nome do produto (por exemplo, AYCT-102). Incompatível com: EML-1000 Luzes e dispositivos Trust Smart Home Zigbee ou outros dispositivos Zigbee, como o Philips Hue Smartphone/tablet com iOS 9+ ou Android 4.0+ Ligação à internet via router/modem

Outras versões

Nome Número do artigo Código EAN
Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000 IT 72110 8713439721102
Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000 BE/FR 73110 8713439731101
Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000 UK 74110 8713439741100
Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000 ES/PT 77110 8713439771107
Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000 DE 78110 8713439781106


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Perguntas Frequentes


How do I switch off the green power LEDS?

The green power LEDs can be switched off in the App. Go to Settings. Here you can switch off the LEDs of the ICS-2000

Why does the LED blink blue?

The blue LED flashes to indicate that the ICS-2000 is connected to the server

Solução de problemas

My ICS 2000 shows an error code, how do I get a connection again?

Does your ICS 2000 display an error code? Contact our customer service via info@trustsmarthome.com and send a photo of the label below your ICS.
If you reset your ICS-2000, you will lose all your settings and you will no longer be able to use your app. Your ICS-2000 can only be reset in special cases in consultation with our customer care.

I cannot register, what can I do?

Does your ICS 2000 display an error code such as registration failed? Contact our customer service via info@trustsmarthome.com and send a photo of the label below your ICS.

After the installation I see red LEDs

1. Check whether the network cable is connected to the modem / router and the control station
2. Check if the power adapter is connected to the wall socket and the control station
3. Press the network cable and the power cable firmly into the control station and the modem / router
4. Connect the control station directly to the modem
5. Disconnect and reconnect the power adapter
6. Check if your internet is active

During start-up, the LEDs of the ICS-2000 stopped running and 1 green LED is still lit.

Remove the ICS-2000 from the power and reconnect it. Wait until the ICS-2000 has restarted. All 4 LEDs must light up green again.

My ICS displays App Offline, what can I do?

Your ICS is probably not online internet via your router. Try restarting your router. And if this does not help, use a different cable.

The registration information of my account is outdated. What can I do?

Contact the support team for assistance via the 'ask a question' option.

I have made an error in the registration of my account, what can I do?

Contact the support team for assistance via the 'ask a question' option.

I can't connect my ZYCT-202 remote control to my ICS-2000 or Z1, what should I do?

Reset the remote control by pressing and holding the OFF button. Make sure that the remote control isn't set to the group channel and first press 'connect' in the app, befor putting the remote control in pair-mode by pressing and holding the button with the two lamps on it.

Where is your service center? Or where can I send my product to be repaired?

Unfortunately, we do not have service centers to repair products.
A defective product should be replaced by your point of purchase during the warranty period.

My product is faulty. What do I do?

We offer a 'return to retailer' warranty on our products. In case of a defect, you can return the product to your retailer with failure description, proof of purchase and all accessories. During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available. For full warranty conditions you can consult: https://www.trust.com/support/warranty


Is ICS-2000 also compatible with Somfy IO?

It is compatible with Somfy RTS, not with Somfy IO systems.

Is Homekit supported by Trust Smart Home?

Homekit is not supported but we offer Siri voice contol of Scenes via Siri Shortcuts (from iOS 12). These shortcuts works on iPhone/iPad but also on the HomePod and Apple Watch.

Besides is Trust Smart Home fully controllable with spoken commands via Google Home and Alexa. The Google Home app can also be installed on iPhone/iPad for Google Assistant voice control. 



I now control my lights with the Philips Hue Bridge, Ikea, or Osram Bridge, can I control them with the ICS-2000 or the Z1?

The ICS-2000 or Z1 bridge can't control the Philips Hue, Ikea or Osram Bridge, but you could reset your lamps and connect them to the ICS-2000 or Z1.
Notice: You cannot control your lights after this with your other Bridge.
For a complete overview which lamps and devices are supported, see the compatibility overview

With which other brands is my Trust Smart Home product compatible?

Trust Smart Home products are compatible with the Dutch KlikAanKlikUit products and the previously branded CoCo products.

The Trust Smart Home Zigbee line is also compatible with Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfr and Osram Lightify. For details see the compatibility overview.


How can I update the firmware?

The firmware is automatically updated as soon as a new version is available. The ICS-2000 checks every 24 hours for a new firmware version.


Condições de garantia
  • Trust oferece uma garantia ao comprador original de um revendedor autorizado.
  • O Seu Produto Trust está abrangido pelos termos e condições de garantia contra defeitos de fabrico por um período de um (1) Ano* a partir da data oficial de Compra, desde que adquirido em um dos nossos retalhistas Oficiais.
    • *na UE, existe um período de garantia mínima de 2 anos para qualquer produto vendido.
  • Em caso de defeito, devolva o produto ao revendedor onde o comprou com uma descrição da avaria, a prova de compra e todos os acessórios.
  • Durante o período de garantia receberá um produto de substituição entregue pelo revendedor, se disponível.
  • A garantia será anulada nos casos em que os produtos foram abertos, sofreram danos físicos, houve utilização indevida, modificações, reparação por pessoa não autorizada, descuido e utilização do produto para outros fins que não os pretendidos.
  • Exclusões de garantia:
    • Danos provocados por acidentes ou desastres, como por exemplo incêndio, inundação, terramoto, guerra, vandalismo ou furto.
    • Incompatibilidade com outro hardware/software não definida como requisitos mínimos do sistema.
    • Acessórios como as baterias e os fusíveis.
  • O fabricante não pode, em circunstância alguma, ser responsabilizado por danos consequentes ou acidentais, incluindo perdas de lucro nas vendas ou quaisquer outros danos comerciais, decorrentes da utilização do seu produto.

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