Trust Laptop Chargers for Every Laptop

Trust is the leading brand in laptop chargers for virtually any laptop. Whether you’re looking for a laptop charger replacement, an extra AC adapter that can charge every device in the house, or you prefer using a charger specifically designed for your laptop – we’ve got you covered.

We support all common brands, such as Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Medion and MSI; our laptop chargers are designed to suit your needs. Find the charger that meets your requirements, and keep your laptop fully charged, anywhere, anytime.

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Universal Chargers

When you’re looking to get the most out of a laptop charger, choose a universal charger. This can be used to replace your broken adapter, or serve as a convenient spare to use in the office or at home. You can now use the same charger to recharge every laptop in your household, regardless of the model or brand.

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Brand-specific Chargers

Need a charger for one brand specifically? Our Maxo Laptop Chargers are built to be compatible with virtually all laptop models from one specific brand. Choose a dedicated Maxo charger for your laptop brand and you’ll be covered, even if your laptop gets replaced by a newer model of the same brand.

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Connection-specific Chargers

Want a charger that charges your laptop perfectly, without the extra hassle of interchangeable connectors? Our Nexo Laptop Chargers have one fixed connector, compatible with any laptop model that requires that connector.

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