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Remote control with wall mount

Operate lights and appliances remotely or from a place of your choosing on the wall

AYCT-303 Dimming remote ML-Visual
AYCT-303 Dimming remote ML-Back
AYCT-303 Dimming remote ML-Front
AYCT-303 Dimming remote ML-Visual
AYCT-303 Dimming remote ML-Back
AYCT-303 Dimming remote ML-Front

A wall switch and remote control in one!

Not sure whether you should choose a wall switch or a remote control? Why not just both? The stylish AYCT-303 remote control can be transformed into a wall switch in no time thanks to its magnetic mounting plate. The switch has four separately controllable channels and a group button to switch multiple lights and devices at once.

Основные возможности

Easy switching and dimming with one button

If you have plug-in dimmers or flush-mounted dimmers connected to your remote control, you can also use them as dimmers. Press and hold the button for the right channel for easy, stepless dimming. Press and hold on the left side of the button to make your lamp brighter, press on the right side to dim the lamp. The same buttons are also used to turn your lamps on and off by just pressing the buttons briefly.

From clever solutions to a Smart Home

With the Smart Bridge you lay the foundation for your smart home (and garden). Link all your Trust Switch-in products to the Bridge and operate everything - from lighting to electric curtains - using your smartphone or tablet. Or set your own timers, rules and scenes to fully automate your system. For example, the (garden) lights go on at night when you're on holiday and the central heating boiler is switched off when the CO detector detects a carbon monoxide leak.


Технические характеристики

Size & Weight

Total weight
97 g
Weight of main unit
52 g
Depth of main product (in mm)
110 mm
Width of main product (in mm)
60 mm
Height of main product (in mm)
15 mm


Compatible Product Lines
Start Line

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1 год
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Wall mount (with mounting materials)







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