All eyes
on you

Try to imagine an online meeting
without using a webcam

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Which user are you?

We want to connect with colleagues, friends and family like we would in real life. Personal, while making eye contact. Whether you want more flexibility or if you just want a better experience than what your laptop’s webcam has to offer, Trust has clever solutions for everyone. Full HD or QHD? Autofocus and Dual Microphones? Maybe a privacy filter? Whatever your needs are, Trust has a webcam for you!


If you mostly plan to use a webcam for social purposes, this is the category for you. Our HD webcams offer a big upgrade from the image and sound quality of your laptop’s webcam, while still being easy to use. Perfectly suitable for socialising with friends and family, and great for working from home. Affordable and easy to use.



If you plan on using a webcam on a daily basis, mostly for work purposes, take a look at our all-round assortment. These webcams offer some extra features, such as auto focus and a wide-angle lens, for an even better experience while presenting or meeting with colleagues. Maybe a webcam with a glass lens to create the best-possible image quality, and with a privacy filter to ease your mind when you’re not using it. Ease of use is still as important as well, as kids should be able to use these webcams for schoolwork and calling their friends.

Plug and Play

No matter the webcam you choose, we’ve designed every single one of them with one thing in mind: it has to be easy to use. Everyone needs to be able to use these webcams by simply plugging it into your laptop or PC. Use it with Zoom, Skype, Teams, Meet…anything you like. With our webcams, you’ll be conferencing in no time.

Get the Most out of Your Webcam

In order to help you use your new webcam as proficiently as possible, watch this video where we explain how you can improve your workspace to get the most out of your webcam. You’d be amazed how much the image quality improves if you adjust the light in your room or home office.