Get started with Google Home/Assistant!

Do you own a Google Home or other device with Google Assistant and do you have Trust Smart Home products? Read more about how you can connect the Trust Smart Home products to Google. For this you need: a smartphone with Google Assistant OR a Google Home / Mini, Trust Smart Home receivers, an ICS-2000 or Z1!

Follow these steps in order to use Google Assistant and Trust Smart Home together.

The Trust Smart Home app
LED Lamps  
LED Lamps  
LED Lamps


Connect Google Home/Assistant to your Trust Smart Home device.

1. Download the Google Home app.

2A. Google Home/Mini: Navigate in the Google Home app to 'Home control' page (upper left).
Go to step 3.

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2B. In case you don't have Google Home / Mini:
- Download the Google Home app. Open the Google app (NOT Google Home) and navigate to the 'Settings' page (bottom right).
- Navigate to 'Settings' under 'Google Assistant'.
- Scroll down and select 'Home control' under 'Services'.

3. Navigate to 'Add devices' by pressing the blue button at the bottom right.

LED Lamps     LED Lamps


4. Search for the Trust Smart Home skill in de lijst and login with your Trust Smart Home app login credentials.

LED Lamps     LED Lamps


5. Now you can control your smart home devices. You can say for example::
- “Ok Google, turn on the Desk light.”
- “Ok Google, turn the Desk light violet.”
- “Ok Google, dim the Desk light by 50%.”
- “Ok Google, activate Movie Time.” (scene)


Tip: Control multiple devices simultaneously!

6. To control your devices more easily, assign them to a room in the Google Home app and you can control multiple lights as a group. Tab the menu at the top left of the screen. Navigate to 'Home control' and select 'Rooms' (top right).

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7. Add a room by pressing the blue button  '+'.Choose a name for the 'room' from the list or enter a name yourself by pressing 'Custom room' at the bottom. (NOTE: This must be an English / German name, depending on the language of your Google Assistant).

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