Ergonomic, efficient and environmentally conscious: the new Bayo range

Dordrecht, 28 May 2024, Press Release


Trust announces the exciting renewal of its popular Bayo mouse range, introducing six new models – the Bayo II, Bayo II Wireless, and Bayo+ Multidevice, all available in both classic black and stylish white versions. With a new optimised design to provide the optimal angle of 57°, these mice offer users their most ergonomic working yet. 


Focused on comfort and convenience, the Bayos help to reduce arm and wrist strain, ensuring a pleasant working experience throughout the day. In addition, a speed select button enables users to adapt their cursor speed between 800-2400 DPI, making these mice ideal for every kind of task. 


In line with Trust’s commitment to sustainability, the range’s revamped design also includes a greater focus on a reduced environmental impact, with the mice all being made using recycled materials. Made with up to 70% recycled plastics for the black versions and 50% for the white, these allow users to go about their day in a more sustainable way. 


The different versions also have their own unique features – both the Bayo II Wireless and Bayo+ offer full freedom of movement without the need for a cable. Their rechargeable battery offers up to three months of non-stop use on a single charge, and can quickly be recharged via the included charge cable.


Furthermore, the Bayo+ enables users to connect up to three devices at once via a 2.4Ghz USB connection and two Bluetooth options, offering the ability to effortlessly switch between devices for enhanced productivity. 


With an option available for all kinds of work, the Bayo II, Bayo II Wireless and Bayo+ Multidevice further increase Trust’s range of convenient, comfortable and sustainable office accessories.  


Available now in black, the Bayo is on sale for RRP €24.99, the Bayo Wireless for €39.99, and the Bayo+ for €49.99, with white versions of all three models available from the end of May.


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