Gaming Gear

The gear for every style

As the all-gamers’ brand on a mission to maximise the fun in gaming, Trust Gaming offers a broad assortment to support all levels and types of players. In creating our gear, we have laid down a few rules: everything we create must be easy to use, reliable and enable you to get the most out of your game. Whether you want to play competitively or casually. We have the gear tailored for every gaming style, ambition and budget.


Friends who game together

It’s our belief that gaming is better when enjoyed together, which is why we want to put the “we” back into gaming. Gaming is about so much more than just sharpening your skills and reaching your potential. It’s about connecting. Connecting with old friends and making new ones. Online and IRL. By gaming together, you can double the fun and achieve more.

Spread the fun

As we take gaming fun very seriously, we are taking the lead when it comes to spreading it. With fun and unexpected activations, contests and events, we are bringing gaming to life and players together. And through our partnerships, we give fans the chance to meet their long-time heroes and play together at gaming events.


Your mouse leads the way through any digital battle. In our range, you’ll find various options for different types of games. Micro-manage your army, destroy your enemies or heal your teammates? We’ve got just the mouse for that.


As any gamer knows, being able to deploy your skills or swiftly switch between weapons is crucial. Get the keyboard that suits you. Colour it up in your battle-ready hue, opt for mechanical or non-mechanical, and choose your preferred size and material.


Don’t let anyone sneak up on you – with the right headset you won’t miss even the softest sound in your surroundings and you’ll get immersed into that thundering feeling of thumping bass when the action gets real. On top of that, your mic allows you to discuss strategy and celebrate wins with mates. Get your soundscape in mono, stereo or 7.1 surround. Clean or engulfed in bright lights. We stock the perfect fit for your type of gaming on any device.


Are you a streamer or the one on your team to suggest (i.e. shout) winning commands? With the right mic for every setup, game and device, you can be sure that your mates or followers won’t miss a word.

Gaming Chair

The foundation of your wins. Potentially the hardest working teammate, this peripheral sees the longest gaming hours of your entire setup. It’s where you prepare, where you engage in action and where you luxuriate in glory. With a broad range of chairs to fit any type of gamer, gaming style and setup, we’ve got your back - literally.