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Make your video conference personal

The new way of working involves a new way of doing business, collaborating and communicating. We are no longer tied to one location. We have been working from our homes, conference rooms and even while travelling. Video meetings have blurred boundaries and made the world more accessible than ever. This is a positive and promising development, but it does need to work.

Fits any meeting room

Trust's new video conferencing solution focuses on the office of the future, where freedom and safety are paramount. The office that is no longer tied to a single building but is accessible everywhere. Our products for the business market are all smart devices that are very easy to install in any office or meeting room. They immediately establish an optimal connection with all participants, whether they are working from home or want to connect from abroad. From now on, you can turn any huddle room into a fully- fledged video conference room.

Flawless user experience

The advanced technology and high-quality hardware offers you a flawless user experience and the feeling of a personal meeting in a digital environment. Since we believe this experience should be accessible to everyone, we offer solutions at a very competitive price.

It simply works!

Get online within minutes with the plug & play installation

Secure remote collaboration with the feeling of personal contact

Ready for the future with an office that facilitates the new way of working

High-quality solutions at a reasonable price

The award-winning, all-in-one solution

winner In this digital age, you need to rely on your equipment to make deals and get work done. The Trust Iris is the award-winning, 4K UHD all-in-one video-conferencing solution for your company.


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