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The future is hybrid

The way we work is changing rapidly. Where offices used to be the primary place of business, the trend of working from multiple places and working partly from home is here to stay.

Our high quality, value-for-money, professional accessories for laptop, PC and mobile support an optimal working experience, whether it’s from home or at the office. The wide product range is designed for daily use and comfort, fulfilling the full range of business needs.

Clear video collaboration

With part of the team working from home and the other part at the office, meeting rooms need to be well equipped. In order to have productive, high quality meetings with your team and with customers, the right video-conference equipment is a necessity. Our video conference solutions make video conferencing accessible and easy.

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Back to the office

Since COVID regulations are starting to ease, companies are preparing to get back to the office again. Many companies are choosing for a hybrid form of working, giving their employees the opportunity to divide their work time in working from home and coming to the office. Is your company prepared for this hybrid form of working? Here’s what you need to make this a success.

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Channel exclusive products

At Trust we offer equivalent products exclusively to our different markets. With focus on quality products you can select from reliable equipment exclusive to the B2B channel. All B2B exclusive products come in brown box, easy-to-open and sustainable packaging.

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Work from anywhere

Many businesses are adapting to a new and contemporary way of working. We offer high quality, affordable equipment, supporting both working from home and from the office. The variety within our assortment ensures a suitable product for businesses of all sizes.

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Office ergonomics

Comfort is key! Stop straining your wrists during long workdays. With the assortment of ergonomic mice and mousepads you can continue working as long as you want, while staying comfortable and healthy.

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Your trusted business partner

Trust is a global company with local presence. With over 35 years of experience, we are a one stop brand for accessory products that are smart and affordable, while being sustainable.

Wide range of certified products

Established brand with local support

High quality, value-for-money solutions

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Where to buy?

We work together with professional distributors and resellers to sell our products within your local market. Interested in selling Trust products? Please check for the preferred distributor in your country.

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