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Bluetooth Wireless Tablet

Bluetooth Wireless Tablet BT446-Top
Bluetooth Wireless Tablet BT446-Top


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Ambalajın içeriği

Tablet with Bluetooth® wireless technology

Wireless 3 button pen (2 buttons + pen tip)

USB cable

USB extension cable

Pentip remover (add on box artwork)

2 pen refills

Batteries (1 x AAA; 2 x Duracell AA)


CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual

CD-ROM with application software

Multi language user's manual

Quick Installation Guide

Metal clamp

Sistem gereksinimleri

Pentium 450 MHz CPU with Bluetooth® wireless technology (for example, Bluetooth ® USB adapter) or USB port

Bluetooth ® wireless technology with human interface device profile (HID) (Widcom software version

32 MB of system memory

50 MB free HDD space

CD-ROM drive

Windows 2000/ 2003 or XP





Versiyon 1.0 | Çok dilli | Windows Server 2003

Boy: 3,82 MB
Tip: exe

Kullanma kılavuzlarını

Versiyon 1.0 | Türkçe
Kullanıcı kılavuzu

Boy: 0,81 MB
Tip: pdf

Versiyon 1.0 | Çok dilli
Hızlı kurulum kılavuzu

Boy: 1,54 MB
Tip: pdf

CE belgeleri

Versiyon 1.0 | English
CE belgeleri

Boy: 0,06 MB
Tip: pdf
faq FAQ

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular (FAQ)

Kurulum ve yapılandırma

To properly install the tablet, please follow these steps:


  • Remove all drivers for this device and all similar devices previously installed on your computer.
  • Be sure that your system is up to date (www.windowsupdate.com).
  • Unplug the tablet and restart your system.
  • Download and install the latest drivers from the website
  • Connect the tablet directly to a properly working USB port without using a hub or an extension cable.
  • Windows should automatically recognize the device.
  • When the driver is properly installed the tablet icon will appear in the taskbar.
  • Check in Device Manager* if the tablet is correctly installed without any remarks.

*To find Device Manager refer to the Microsoft Windows Help Function.


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Yedek parçalar

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