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2.1 Speaker Set

2.1 Speaker Set SP-3850-Visual
2.1 Speaker Set SP-3850-Front
2.1 Speaker Set SP-3850-Visual
2.1 Speaker Set SP-3850-Front



Type of speaker

Ekstra bilgi

Ürün numarası
1 yıl
Ambalajın içeriği

2 satellite speakers with cables attached

Subwoofer with power cable attached

Wired remote control

3.5 mm female to RCA male audio cable

User's guide

Sistem gereksinimleri

3.5 mm audio output or

RCA audio output

Mains power connection

Diğer sürümler

2.1 Speaker Set SP-3850 UK
Ürün numarası 15413
EAN-kodu 8713439154139
2.1 Speaker Set SP-3850 US
Ürün numarası 15567
EAN-kodu 8713439155679
faq FAQ

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular (FAQ)

Sorunlarını çözme

  • Make sure the subwoofer volume knob is open.
  • Check cable connections of subwoofer.
  • Check connection of speaker to soundcard  (colors of connectors must match colors connectors PC-side)


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