GXT 363 Hawk 7.1 Bass Vibration Gaming Headset


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7.1 Surround Oyun Kulaklığı

Bas titreşimli ve 7.1 surround sesli aydınlatmalı oyun kulaklığı

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Unique experience with bass vibration

With the GXT 363, you will experience gaming like you have never done before. The powerful 50mm active bass vibration speakers create an atmospheric sound feeling. In addition, it has an excellent sound quality with deep bass. With the magnificent sound, every single in-game detail can be heard.

Comfortable design

The GXT 363 is designed for long and intense gaming sessions with its comfortable meshed ear pads. The ear pads fit around your ear perfectly and help to cancel any noise while you are playing a battle against or with your friends. As well as being very comfortable, it has a great design with it’s rough coating exterior.

Inline remote

The GXT 363 features a 3 meters long anti-tangle nylon braided cable. The cable includes an extensive inline remote with volume control, volume mute, microphone mute, bass vibration control and illumination control.


Connection type wired
Cable length main cable 300 cm
Connector type USB
Sound reproduction Stereo
Audio channels 7.1
Driver size 50 mm
Impedance 32 Ohm
Sensitivity 112 dB
True Wireless Stereo (TWS) no
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20000 Hz
Software yes
Special features virtual 7.1 surround sound, illuminated sides
Active Noise Cancelling no
Earcup type over-ear
Ear-cap construction closed-back
Sensor type microphone condenser
Pick-up pattern Unidirectional
Designed for gaming yes
Lights yes
Light type Illuminated sides and microphone
Waterproof no
Suitable for Daily use, Fortnite, Gaming, Home, Listening to music, Noisy environment (e.g. plane, office)
Compatible Device Types pc, laptop
Compatible Consoles no
Compatible Software Platforms Windows
Controls volume, mute
Remote control inline

Ekstra bilgi

Genel Ürün numarası:
1   yıl
Ambalajın içeriği Kulaklık seti CE yasal ve uyumluluk sayfası Kullanıcı kılavuzu Oyun etiketi
Sistem gereksinimleri PC/laptop with USB port Windows 10, 8 or 7 25 MB of free hard disk space

Diğer sürümler

Ad Ürün numarası EAN-kodu
GXT 363 7.1 Bass Vibration Headset (FF Packaging) 21462 8713439214628
GXT 363 Hawk 7.1 Bass Vibration Gaming Headset 22590 8713439225907
GXT 363 Hawk 7.1 Bass Vibration Headset + RBS 23715 8713439237153



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Kurulum ve yapılandırma

How do I install the headset?

To install:

- Make sure your system is up to date following the instructions from the website www.windowsupdate.com.
-  Unplug the headset and restart the system.
- Download and install the latest driver via the website with administrator rights
- Plug-in the headset when asked to do so by the installation program and click “OK”.
Note: Make sure the headset is set as the default sound input and sound outputdeviceon the computer. And in Windows 10: make sure that the headset is allowed to be used by apps in the privacy settings
- Installation is complete: Click “Finish” to restart your computer. 
- Now you can start the headset configuration software (located in the taskbar).

Sorunlarını çözme

No Sound.

- Press the mute button.
- Make the headset your default audio device. 
- Connect the headset to another USB port (preferred on the backside of the PC).

My movie/game is not in surround 7.1 sound.

- Configure your game or media player software to 5.1 output.
- Enable the 7.1 virtual surround function. 

Not enough or too much bass.

- Set the equalizer to your preference. 
- Press the vibration button. 

Microphone is not working

- Press the microphone mute button.  

- Make the headset your default recording device.  

- Increase the Microphone level in the Microphone properties.

Where is your service center? Or where can I send my product to be repaired?

Unfortunately, we do not have service centers to repair products.
A defective product should be replaced by your point of purchase during the warranty period.

My product is faulty. What do I do?

We offer a 'return to retailer' warranty on our products. In case of a defect, you can return the product to your retailer with failure description, proof of purchase and all accessories. During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available. For full warranty conditions you can consult: https://www.trust.com/support/warranty


Where is the Windows 8 (not 8.1) driver?

Unfortunately a driver for Windows 8 is not available, only for version 8.1


Garanti koşulları
  • Trust offers a warranty to the original purchaser from an authorized retailer.
  • Your Trust product is guaranteed under the terms and conditions of this warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year* from the date of original purchase, if purchased from an official retailer.
    • *In EU, there is a statutory minimum warranty period of 2 years on every product we sell.
  • Kusur durumunda, ürünü bayiinize ariza tanimiyla, ürünü satin aldiginizi gösteren belgeyle ve tüm aksesuarlarla birlikte iade ediniz.
  • Garanti süresi içinde, ürün varsa bayiiniz tarafindan yenisiyle degistirilecektir.
  • Ürünlerin açilmasi, fiziksel hasar, yanlis kullanim, tadilat, yetkisiz kisilerce onarim, dikkatsizlik ve ürünün amaçlanan kullanimindan baska amaçlarla kullanilmasi durumlarinda garanti geçerliligini yitirir.
  • Garantinin istisnalari:
    • Yangin, sel, deprem, savas, kamu malinin tahribi veya hirsizlik gibi kazalar ya da afetlerden kaynaklanan zarar/ziyan.
    • Asgari sistem gerekleri olarak tanimlanmayan diger donanim/yazilimla uyumsuzluk.
    • Pil ve sigorta gibi aksesuarlar.
  • Imalatçi, her tür is kari kaybi ya da diger her tür ticari zarar dahil olmak üzere, ürünlerinin kullanimindan kaynaklanan bagli veya arizi zararlarla ilgili hiçbir yükümlülük tasimaz.

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