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GXT 703 Riye

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GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Visual
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Visual
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Front
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Side
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Back
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Visual
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Visual
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Front
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Side
GXT 703 Riye Gaming chair - Black-Back

The sky’s the limit

Your skills grow whilst you game, so why shouldn’t your chair too? Height adjustable, the Riye takes you to new gaming heights, both literally and metaphorically. Plus, with its tilt lock function, you can find the perfect position to get your game on. 

Temel Özellikler

Welcome to Chair Force One

Beating the boss might be hard, but this chair isn’t. Its high-density foam structure will have you sinking into the utmost comfort so you can focus more on back-to-back wins rather than pesky back pain. 

Breathe easy, play hard

We know gaming can get so intense sometimes that you might break a sweat, which is why the Riye has been designed with durable PU leather and breathable fabric to have you feeling as fresh at the end of your session as you did at the start. 

Armed and ready

Whether you’re having a chill chat with your friends or going head-to-head on the battleground, this chair’s padded armrests are ready for whatever comes your way. Able to be flipped-up, they’re there when you need them and away when you don’t. 

Heavy duty

The Riye is a chair that’s as ready to take on any challenge as you are. With a class 4 gas lift tested up to 140kg, it has a durable structure that’s well and truly built to last. Time to level up your gaming setup! 




Number of wheels


Plastic material

Size & Weight

Backrest height
78 cm
Seat width
54 cm
Seat depth
52 cm
Total weight
15500 g
Depth of main product (in mm)
69 mm
Width of main product (in mm)
68 mm
Height of main product (in mm)
128 mm

Gas lift

Gas lift?
Gas lift size
120 mm
Gas lift brand
Gas lift class
class 4




Seat material
PU leather, Elastic fabric
Wheel type
black nylon


Max. weight
140 kg

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Ürün numarası
1 yıl
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