Pacto Pocket-size Powerbank 10.000 mAh

Powerbank da 10.000 mAh ad alta densità

Powerbank ad alta densità: tascabile con alta capacità (10.000 mAh)

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  • Design ad alta densità: tascabile e alta velocità per ricaricare l’energia in mobilità
  • Si inserisce in qualsiasi tasca o borsa
  • Rapido e intelligente: eroga la potenza massima per i singoli dispositivi*
  • Compatibile con tutti i telefoni e i tablet, anche Apple e Samsung
  • Sempre connessi: per ricaricare il telefono fino a 4x**
  • Fino a 46 ore in più di batteria del telefono oppure 12 ore in più sul tablet**
  • È possibile ricaricare contemporaneamente 2 dispositivi, grazie alle 2 porte USB-A
  • Per ricaricare velocemente il powerbank tramite il cavo micro-USB in dotazione
  • La spia di livello LED consente di sapere quand’è il momento di ricaricare
  • *Per ricaricare rapidamente alla massima velocità tramite USB-A (10 W). La velocità di ricarica varia da un dispositivo all’altro
  • **Dipende dalla marca/dal modello e dalle condizioni della batteria. Solo a titolo indicativo


Number of USB ports 2
Height of main product (in mm) 89 mm
Width of main product (in mm) 65 mm
Depth of main product (in mm) 23 mm
Total weight 202 g
Weight of main unit 192 g
Cables included MicroUSB cable
Accessories micro-USB cable
Flashlight no
Protections short-circuit, over-load, over-heat, over-discharge, over-charge
Battery capacity (mAh) 10000 mAh
Battery voltage (Volt) 3.7 V
Safe & certified battery yes
Recharge time 6 hours
Watt-hour rating 37 Wh
Number of charges - tablets 1.2
Number of charges - phones 4
Extra usage time - tablets 12 hours
Extra usage time - phones 46 hours
Battery composition (Alkaline, Li-ion, etc.) Lithium-ion polymer
Input port micro-USB
Input power 5V/2A/10W
Fast re-charging yes
USB port A types 2
Charging technology auto-detect
Output specification - Port 2 2.1A/10W, auto-detect
Output specification - Port 1 1A/5W
Total output power (max): A, W 2.1A/10W
Compatible Device Types smartphone, tablet
Indicators Battery level

Ulteriori informazioni

Generale Numero di articolo:
Codice EAN:
Garanzia :
1   anno
Peso del prodotto (netto):
202 g
Contenuto della confezione Powerbank Cavo di ricarica micro-USB Manuale utente
Requisiti di sistema Caricabatteria USB per ricaricare il powerbank




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How long do I need to charge the powerbank for the first time?

We always recommend to fully charge the powerbank for the first time.
The time for a full charge depends on the capacity of the powerbank, the remaining power in the powerbank and the power supply.
Please consult the quick manual for the estimated charging time for the first use.
If your device is actively in use during the charging process, the charging performance may be elongated.

Are powerbanks allowed to be taken on board of a flight?

In general all our powerbanks are suitable for air travel, since they confirm to the general requirements of a capacity of less than 100 Wh (Watt hours) and 2 grams lithium, as long as you keep the powerbank in the carry-on/hand luggage (and not in checked luggage) and declare the powerbank at customs.

However, requirements depend on the airport you are travelling from and the airline you are travelling with. We advise to always check in person with the airline, by either calling or chatting, before travelling for more information.

To determine Wh: (mAh x 3.7V)/1000
For example, a 20.000 mAh powerbank would be (20000 x 3.7)/1000  = 74 Watt-hours.

Can I charge my phone with 5V/1A via the 5V/2.1A port?

Yes, you can, a higher amperage charger will likely charge your phone even (slightly) faster.
All modern chargers and batteries have smart features, that regulate the input and output they can handle.

My powerbank is still charging. How long does it take to charge the powerbank?

It can take 6-12 hours for a full charge, depending on the charger used.

Can I charge the powerbank, while it is charging another device?

This powerbank doesn't support this pass-through charging function.

Can the portable battery charge my tablet?

Portable batteries that have 10W or 2A output can charge tablets.
If the portable battery has 5W or 1A output, it can charge smartphones but not tablets (except for iPad mini).

Can the portable battery fully charge my phone?

This depends on battery capacity (mAh) of your phone and age of the battery.
The bigger the capacity of the battery, the more likely it can charge your smartphone fully, or even multiple times.

How can I tell when power bank is fully charged?

Most of our powerbanks are equiped with battery status indicators. In general, when all the indicators turn off, it means that the battery is fully re-charged. For further details, about the indicators, please refer to the quick manual.

Why does it sometimes take more time to charge the powerbank?

Even though you may use the same charging method, the charging time may differ due to environment, temperature, power flow, etc.

What is the lifespan of the powerbank?

Generally, a properly maintained powerbank can retain up to 80-90% of its original capacity at 500 charge and discharge cycles.
(charge then discharge = 1 cycle, regardless of whether you charge/ discharge it partially or fully).

Risolvere i problemi

My powerbank is not charging. What can I do?

Please try the following:

  • Use other charging cables
  • Use another USB-charger
  • Use another power outlet

Charge the powerbank in a cool place, during the night, connecting to a good quality USB-charger that goes in the power outlet. Then just let it charge for at least 8 hours. 

When I charge the powerbank, only a LED is blinking

When the powerbank is charging the light of the status bar will be flashing blue, this is normal behavior.

Every blue led is a status:

  • 1 led > 25% charged
  • 2 leds > 50% charged
  • 3 leds > 75% charged
  • 4 leds > 100% charged

The upper led could keep blinking as long as the powerbank is connected to the power source.

Please disconnect the powerbank from the power source, when the powerbank is charged.

Now you can start charging your phone/tablet.

Try both cables to charge the device: the supplied cable and an original charging cable of your phone/tablet.

My powerbank doesn't turn on.

  •  It is possible that your powerbank is fully drained. Please charge your powerbank. The indicator will start blinking when the powerbank receives sufficient power.
  • It is possible that your powerbank went into sleep-mode. The powerbank will automatically cut-off the power and go into sleep-mode when it detects possibility of over-charge/ over-discharge/ short-circuit. This is sometimes due to faulty cable issue. Please activate the "sleeping" powerbank by charging it with a good condition cable.

Why is the powerbank unable to charge my smartphone?

- Check if the capacity of the powerbank is suitable for your phone.
- Some smartphone cables might not be compatible with a powerbank due to different cable chipset design. We recommend using the cable and connector meant for the powerbank.

Why is the powerbank unable to charge my tablet?

- We recommend a powerbank with 2A output to charge tablets.
While some tablets can accept lower input (1A or 1.5A), the charging is slower and sometimes can only be charged when the tablet is in sleep mode.

- Some tablet's cables might not be compatible with a powerbank due to different cable chipset design.
For Samsung Galaxy Tab in particular, we recommend using the cable and connector meant for the powerbank.

What can I do when the powerbank doesn't seem to work?

You can conduct some simple tests to identify the issue.

If the powerbank can't charge the device, make sure the powerbank is fully recharged.

If the powerbank is charged, the issue will most likely be with the cable.
You can try to use another cable to charge your device.

If it still doesn't work, the issue might be with the powerbank itself.

You should contact the support team via the 'ask a question' section.

Why does my powerbank battery seem to drain very fast?

  • Generally, a well maintained powerbank can retain up to 80-90% of its original capacity. Please check the original battery capacity of your device and the capacity of the powerbank.
  • The number of times a powerbank can charge your device depends on the capacity of both the powerbank and the device.
  • It is best not to attach cables to the powerbank when not in use.

The powerbank feels warm when (dis)charging. Is this normal?

It is normal for the charger and device to get warm during charging and discharging.
They may get even warmer if you use your device while charging.

Dove si trova il centro di assistenza? O dove posso inviare il mio prodotto da riparare?

Le consiglio di chiedere la sostituzione dell'articolo direttamente dal rivenditore.

Il mio prodotto è difettoso. Cosa faccio?

Nel caso in cui il prodotto sia difettoso, è possibile restituirlo al rivenditore insieme a una descrizione del tipo di malfunzionamento, alla prova d''acquisto e a tutti gli accessori.
Se il prodotto è ancora in garanzia, riceverete un prodotto sostitutivo (se disponibile) dal rivenditore.
Condizioni di garanzia:


Can I use any USB cable for charging my device with a powerbank?

For best performance, use either the included cable from the powerbank, or the original cable from your device (phone/tablet/etc).
Some cables are missing wires on the inside, which limits the maximum power that can be transferred so charging goes slower or doesn't work at all.


Condizioni di garanzia
  • Trust offre una garanzia per il primo acquirente che ha acquistato il prodotto da un rivenditore autorizzato.
  • Il tuo prodotto Trust è garantito secondo i termini e le condizioni di questa garanzia contro i difetti di fabbricazione per un periodo di un (1) anno * a partire dalla data dell'acquisto originale, se acquistato da un rivenditore ufficiale.
    • * Nell'UE, vi è un periodo di garanzia legale di minimo 2 anni su ogni prodotto che vendiamo.
  • Nel caso in cui il prodotto sia difettoso, è possibile restituirlo al rivenditore insieme a una descrizione del tipo di malfunzionamento, alla prova d''acquisto e a tutti gli accessori.
  • Se il prodotto è ancora in garanzia, riceverete un prodotto sostitutivo (se disponibile) dal rivenditore.
  • La garanzia non sarà valida nel caso in cui il prodotto sia stato aperto, in presenza di danni fisici, di danni derivanti da un uso non corretto, di modifiche, di riparazioni da parte di persone non autorizzate, di incuria e nel caso in cui il prodotto sia stato utilizzato per scopi diversi da quelli cui è preposto.
  • Non sono contemplati dalla garanzia:
    • Danni causati da incidenti o eventi di forza maggiore, quali incendi, inondazioni, terremoti, guerre, vandalismi o furti.
    • Incompatibilità con altri prodotti hardware / software non indicati nei requisiti minimi di sistema.
    • Accessori quali batterie e fusibili.
  • In nessun caso il produttore potrà essere ritenuto responsabile di danni accidentali o indiretti, inclusi qualsiasi perdita di profitti commerciali o altri danni commerciali derivanti dall'uso del prodotto.


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