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Wired Keyboard And Mouse Set

Wired keyboard-and-mouse set for comfortable working

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Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Visual
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Visual
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Top
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Top
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Visual
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Visual
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Visual
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Top
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Top
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set-Visual

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Two’s company

The Primo mouse-and-keyboard set is ready for work, setting you up for hours of comfort and efficiency.

Key features

Productivity is key

A full-size keyboard provides optimal efficiency and productivity, so you can work quickly (and maybe even go home early).

Splash zone? No problem

A spill-resistant design keeps your keyboard safe from liquids, so you don’t have to worry about tipping over your new coffee mug.

Stay adjusted

Use the fold-out feet to adjust the keyboard’s height, so you stay comfortable and get things done. Your hands will thank you!

All hands on deck

Left-handed, right-handed – the Primo mouse is suitable for everyone. All it wants is someone to hold.



Size & Weight

Total weight
548 g
Weight of main unit
448 g
Depth of main product (in mm)
148 mm
Width of main product (in mm)
449 mm
Height of main product (in mm)
30 mm


Compatible Device Types
laptop, pc
Compatible Consoles
Compatible Software Platforms
Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS

Extra information

Item number
EAN code
1 year
Package contents

Wired keyboard

Wired mouse

System requirements

2x USB port

Windows 10 or 11

macOS 10.15, 11, 12

Chrome OS

Other versions

Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set UK
Item number 23974
EAN code 8713439239744
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set DE
Item number 23973
EAN code 8713439239737
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set ES
Item number 23972
EAN code 8713439239720
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set IT
Item number 23971
EAN code 8713439239713
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set RU
Item number 23994
EAN code 8713439239942
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set FR
Item number 23993
EAN code 8713439239935
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set CZ/SK
Item number 23992
EAN code 8713439239928
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set PT
Item number 23991
EAN code 8713439239911
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set ND
Item number 23990
EAN code 8713439239904
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set HU
Item number 23989
EAN code 8713439239898
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set BE
Item number 23987
EAN code 8713439239874
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set TR
Item number 23986
EAN code 8713439239867
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set GR
Item number 24152
EAN code 8713439241525
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set LT
Item number 24323
EAN code 8713439243239
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set BG
Item number 24344
EAN code 8713439243444
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set HR/SI
Item number 24384
EAN code 8713439243840
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set UA
Item number 24521
EAN code 8713439245219
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set AR
Item number 24593
EAN code 8713439245936
Primo Keyboard & Mouse Set BR
Item number 24662
EAN code 8713439246629





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EU declaration of conformity (DoC)

Version 1.0 | Multilingual
EU declaration of conformity (DoC)

Size: 0.16 MB
Type: pdf
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