Help with your search

Learn a few tips and tricks to help you easily find product information, FAQs, drivers or manuals.

The easiest way to find your product is to enter the 5-digit article number or (part of the) product name. The article number and name are both mentioned on the product itself and on the packaging.

Tip 1: Start simple

  • Start with a simple search with the article number.
  • The 5-digit article number can be found on the product label, on the packaging and in the manual.
  • More information on Where to find this article number?
  • Examples: 21683, 21808, 21044, 18187, 22400, 21187.


Tip 2: Use (part of) the product name

  • You can also enter just part of the product name, such as the model name or number, or a product description
  • Examples model name or number: Cada, Asta, GXT 629, GXT 322, GXT 155.
  • Examples product description: webcam, mouse, bluetooth, keyboard, powerbank, headset.


Tip 3: Choose words carefully

  • You can always combine a few descriptive words if necessary.
  • Examples: Cada keyboard, GXT 322 headset, Bluetooth adapter, GXT 155 mouse.

Here are a few search examples

  • Itemnumber is the most efficient
  • You can also enter just the Product name
  • Or Trust gaming GXT number
  • Enter the Product name/number with color to be more specific
  • 22333
  • Keyboard Cada
  • GXT 629
  • GXT 322 headset Black