Clever changes
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green difference


Trust is on a mission to simplify everyday life with clever and sustainable solutions

Our philosophy: a three-fold approach to going green



Sustainability is not achieved overnight, it takes effort. Every single day. Right now, we're working on replacing plastic in our packaging and reducing our transportation footprint.
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It's important we can measure the difference we’re making. Especially when seemingly small changes can have a big effect. For instance, we reduced the package size of our GXT gaming headset packages and replaced or even removed the plastic inner buffer. This change already resulted in a 16% reduction of plastics in 2020.



The more we learn and share the better everyone's future will be. We're all in this together, so we're open and transparent about our journey, always sharing our lessons learned.

Our eco-rating guide

Our eco-rating guide

We are strongly reducing plastics used in our products and packaging and are making more use of materials from renewable resources. We are also aiming to improve the recyclability and optimize our logistics process to reduce CO₂ footprint. We will illustrate this by introducing an eco-rating system for our packaging and products. For example, a rating will be given based on the use of FSC certified unprinted paper or volume-optimized packaging free from plastics, foam, PVC and polystyrene. A higher rating will apply when packaging is the most environmentally friendly and the product itself is made of recycled materials.

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