Decent work & economic growth

Fair working conditions

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have highlighted the crucial value of quality education, decent work, and economic growth for all. To support these goals, we do our utmost to create an environment in which employees of all ages and backgrounds feel safe and can thrive. We protect their physical health and well-being, and encourage their professional and individual growth. Our responsibility goes beyond our own workforce. We are engaging with our partners and suppliers to make fair and human changes.

Employee development

We aim to create a working environment in which all our employees are happy, productive, and at their best. With personal coaching and online training programmes, we motivate our employees to continue developing themselves in the way that suits them.

Employee Code of Conduct

We want to be fair and show integrity in everything we do. Trust has an employee Code of Conduct focusing on prevention or minimisation of psychosocial work strain, including sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination, and aggression. If anyone should be confronted with unwanted behaviour, they can at any time file a complaint with their internal or external confidant.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is shared with all suppliers as part of the supplier onboarding and training. It is embedded as a contractual condition of doing business. It outlines environmental-, labour-, and governance-related requirements with which suppliers must comply. We develop suppliers with training and capability-building initiatives, as well as audit them for compliance. Compliance with our Code of Conduct and quality control measures is mandatory. Non-compliance may result in the termination of our business relationship.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

Trust is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion for employees, customers, and suppliers in every area of our work. We believe that diverse teams and organisations are more resilient, creative, and efficient. We strive to create teams with people from various backgrounds, reflecting society and the labour market.

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