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We’re a fan of both Twitch and YouTube and all the amazing streamers and content creators on there. We’re here to support you and encourage every gamer to start their own channel and share their gaming experience with the world. This is why we started the Trust Gaming Ambassador program. Any streamer or content creator that meets our requirements can apply to become part of the Trust Gaming family.


a minimum of 100.000 subscribers on YouTube


a minimum of 50.000 followers on Twitch


We work with ambassadors who are continuously improving themselves and their channels. Hard work and dedication are crucial in growing your platform and that is what we expect from our ambassadors.


When you join the family we expect you to be loyal to us and to not yet be sponsored by another gaming peripheral brand.


Apart from the content you create on your own channel, we ask our Ambassadors to be available to create content with us. This includes introduction videos and other unique social media content that can be used by both parties. Besides that, we also appreciate your presence during some of the biggest gaming events in Europe!


We haven’t started the ambassador program for those who are looking for a short term benefit. If you are serious about becoming a full time streamer and sustaining that long term, we are serious about supporting you to the best of our abilities.


Online promotion is crucial. Having other active social media channels apart from YouTube or Twitch - like Instagram and TikTok - will increase your chance of becoming an Ambassador. Check out our current ambassadors below and fill in the form to apply to the program yourself. Remember that the more info you fill in, the quicker we’ll be able to process your request and the sooner you’ll hear from us. If you don’t meet the requirements or don’t supply the required information, we cannot guarantee a reply.

Sponsorship Form

If you want to become a Trust Gaming Ambassador, please check if you meet the requirements mentioned at the top of this page before sending the form .

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