Zigbee RGB Tunable LED Bulb ZLED-RGB9

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Ampoule LED réglable RGB intelligente

Créez une atmosphère parfaite avec cette ampoule intelligente à commande sans fil ZigBee pouvant se régler sur toutes les couleurs

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Commande facile depuis une télécommande ou l’application sur smartphone/tablette*
  • Choisissez parmi une gamme infinie de couleurs afin de définir l’ambiance idéale
  • Créez une atmosphère adaptée à chaque activité, avec une lumière blanche froide pour la lecture ou le travail, et une lumière blanche chaude pour un cadre plus chaleureux
  • Compatible avec les autres systèmes certifiés ZigBee comme le système Philips Hue**
  • Classe d’efficacité énergétique A+
  • Installation facile : s’adapte à toutes les douilles standard E27
  • Plage de variation de l’intensité lumineuse étendue, de 10 à 100 %
  • Intensité lumineuse de 806 lumens
  • Durée de vie de l'ampoule de 20 000 heures
  • *Pour contrôler cet équipement depuis votre smartphone ou votre tablette, une passerelle ou une station de contrôle Trust Smart Home est nécessaire, par exemple, Z1 ZigBee Bridge ou ICS-2000
  • **Hors mode divertissement Hue, mises à jour Over the Air (OTA) et Apple HomeKit. Pour connaître toutes les possibilités et les dernières informations relatives à la compatibilité, consultez le site www.trust.com/zigbee
  • For more information about Zigbee and our mobile application; take a look on the Zigbee page!

Optimize your wireless range

The Zigbee bulbs and spots use meshing technology. This means that all connected Zigbee products can receive and repeat signals. They work as an amplifier so that the range of your network can be easily increased. This way you can fully enjoy the comfort that our Zigbee products offer.

Live your life in colour

Illuminate your life with the beautiful colours of the Trust RGB Tunable E27 LED Bulb ZLED-RGB9. Everything is possible: create a warm ambience for a relaxing evening or choose to go full out with brilliant lighting. Select one of the 16 million colours to match your mood! Easily create a romantic atmosphere with warm light, or support your favourite sports team by colouring your living room in the club colours. Use the app to select one of the 16 million colours: there is always a perfect colour for every situation! * The bulb is dimmable from 10% to 100% via the app or the ZYCT-202 remote control. In this way, your lights are always set to perfection. *Note: ZigBee Control Station Z1 or ICS-2000 Internet Control Station is required for app use.

Natural light throughout the day

Want more natural light in your home? This RGB Tunable LED Bulb creates the right light in every room, at any time of day. With the help of the rules in the Trust Smart Home app, you can easily set the light intensity according to the time of day: cool lights in the morning, regular intensity in the afternoon and warm light in the evening. * When you turn on the bulb, the light intensity set for that time of day is automatically selected.

Easy installation

The bulb can easily be placed in any E27 socket when this socket is connected to a regular switch and not a dimmer switch. The dim function is integrated into the bulb itself. The regular light switch is of course still usable to turn your lamp on and off. You can dim your lights from the comfort of your couch using the remote control or the app. * Want some colour in your life? Simply use the app! *Note: ZigBee Control Station Z1 or ICS-2000 Internet Control Station is required for app use

ZigBee Compatibility

This bulb is part of the Trust Smart Home ZigBee line. This means that it is compatible with the other products from the ZigBee range. These products are easily identified by their product code, which always starts with a “Z”. For example: "ZLED-RGBG6", "Z1" or "ZYCT-202”. This bulb is also compatible with the Trust Smart Home ICS-2000 Control Station. All of these products work on the ZigBee protocol, the benefits of which are: Two-way communication: the products can send as well as receive signals. This means, for example, that you can see in the app whether a lamp is turned on or off. Very convenient for when you’re not at home! Meshing network: all connected ZigBee products can receive and repeat signals, making each ZigBee product an amplifier that increases the range of your ZigBee network. Compatibility with other brands: The Trust ZigBee products are also compatible with other ZigBee certified systems such as Philips Hue, Osram Lightify or IKEA TRÅDFRI.

Economical solution

The ZLED-RGB9 has a light output of 806 lumens which is comparable with a conventional 60-watt bulb, however, this LED bulb only uses 9 watts! LED lights use less energy: up to 90% less than a normal bulb. With this energy efficient ZLED-RGB9 bulb, you can easily save money. This is not all, the bulb has a lifespan of 20.000 hours which means you can create perfect lighting in your home for the next 20 years!


Height of main product (in mm) 118 mm
Width of main product (in mm) 60 mm
Wireless range 30 m
Wireless protocols Zigbee
Wireless transmission power (dBM) 2.5 dBM
Power input type (W) 8.5 W
Input frequency of main device 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Input voltage of main device 230 V
Google assistant compatible yes
Philips Hue application yes
Philips Hue entertainment no
Philips Hue Over-the-Air Updates no
Apple Homekit no
Light control ON/OFF, Dimming, RGB
Lamp fitting type E27
Light colour 2200-6500K, RGB
Max switch cycles 100000
Warm-up time to 60% light 0 s
Life time 20000 hours
Energy class A+
Light beam angle 270 degrees
Dimming range 10 - 100 %
Max Light intensity 806 Lumen

informations supplémentaires

Général Numéro d'article:
Code EAN:
Garantie :
1   an
Contenu de l'emballage Ampoule LED réglable RGB intelligente Mode d'emploi
Configuration requise Douille E27 standard Télécommande Trust Smart Home ZigBee ou une station de contrôle Trust, par exemple, la Z1 ZigBee Bridge ou l'ICS-2000 (ou un autre équipement certifié ZigBee Light Link comme les modèles Philips Hue)* 230 V – 50/60 Hz

Autres versions

Nom Numéro d'article Code EAN
Duopack ZigBee RGB Tunable LED Bulb ZLED-RGB9 22652 8713439226522




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Foire aux questions

Installation et configuration

How do I pair a ZLED bulb?

Switch the lamp ON and OFF five times with the traditional switch. After that, the lamp will be in pairing mode for 20 seconds. Then connect the Zigbee lamp with the Z1, ICS-2000 or ZYCT-202 Remote control. (Check the manual of the Z1, ICS-2000 or the ZYCT-202 Zigbee remote on how to connect it with a lamp)


Can I control my RGB or tunable ZLED bulbs with the ZYCT-202 remote?

Yes, but the remote is restricted to only switching and dimming the lamps. To control warm-, cold- or RGB-colors you need the ICS-2000 or Zigbee Z1.

How do I reset a ZLED bulb?

You can reset the bulb by putting it in pairing mode. Turn the lamp ON and OFF five times within 15 seconds with the traditional switch. The lamp will be in pairing mode for 20 seconds after that.

Can I control the ZLED lamps with my phone right after placement in the lamp socket?

To control the bulbs using your smartphone, you need an ICS-2000 or a Z1 and you have to pair the Zigbee bulbs. After that, you can control you Zigbee devices with your phone.

Can you place a ZLED bulb in a closed lamp?

Yes, that is possible and won't give any further issues.

Can you use the ZLED bulbs outside?

As long as you keep the lamp safe from humidity you can use them outdoor. Notice: Metal parts around a closed lamp can influence the wireless range.

Can you place a ZLED bulb behind an existing dimmer?

You can't place our Zigbee bulbs behind an existing dimmer, since the bulbs have a built in dimmer themselves.

Can I use the ZLED bulbs with every transmitter?

The ZLED bulbs can not be used with all transmitters. They can only be controlled with a transmitter that is compatible with Zigbee. You can recognise them by the 'Z' at the beginning of the product name, e.g. ZYCT-202, ZPIR-8000, ZCTS-808, etc)

Can I switch and/or dim multiple ZLED bulbs at once?

With the ZYCT-202 remote control you can pair multiple lamps to a channel/group. After that, you can control all lamps in this group together. With the ICS-2000 and the Z1 this is not yet possible, but it will be in the future.

Can I only use the Trust Smart Home Zigbee products with a control station?

The Zigbee lamps can also be used with the ZYCT-202 Zigbee Remote (only switching and dimming)

How do I remove a Trust Smart Home Zigbee bulb from my remote control?

You can do this by resetting the bulb or by pressing ON and OFF on the Zigbee remote at a maximum distance of 10cm from the bulb.

What is the wireless range of Trust Smart Home Zigbee products?

A couple of tips for optimal range:
  • Make sure your Zigbee control station is placed at a central point in your home or room.
  • Make sure there are no metal objects in close range of your Zigbee control station.
  • Make sure your Zigbee control station is completely detached and there is enough distance (minimum 1 meter) between the Zigbee control station and other devices such as a Wifi router, Dect phones (Gigaset) etc.
  • If you add multiple Zigbee lamps or devices, they will amplify each others signal (this is called mesh networking)
  • If neccessary, our support department can help you with setting a different Zigbee channel to reduce disturbance with your Wifi network.
    The range of the Zigbee system is max. 30 metres in optimal conditions.

Can I connect my Zigbee lights to two control stations at the same time? Like the Hue Bridge and the Z1?

No, this is not possible. When you connect a Zigbee light to, for example, our Zigbee Bridge Z1, the connection with the original control station is undone.

Can I control my Zigbee lights with the remote and the Zigbee control station / app at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. First pair the lamp and the remote with your Trust Smart Home Zigbee Z1 or ICS-2000 and after that connect the lamp and the remote.

How many Zigbee lamps can I pair with one Zigbee remote?

Max 20 lamps with a maximum of 4 per channel.

Is it possible to control my Zigbee lamps when I am not at home?

With a Trust Smart Home control station or bridge it is possible to control your lamps even when you are not at home

Résolution des problèmes

I can't connect my ZLED-bulb to the ZYCT-202 remote control, what should I do?

Turn the ZLED Zigbee lamp OFF and ON again and make sure to hold the remote as close as possible to the lamp while pairing.
Make sure that the remote control isn't set to the smart group function/
  1. Push the ON button on the remote.
  2. Keep the ON button pressed untill the lamp turns on and off 3x. (This can take up to 20 seconds.)
  3. Keep holding the ON button untill the lamp has flashed 2x to confirm the connection, then release the ON button.

I can't pair my ZLED, what should I do?

Make sure you hold the transmitter close to the lamp when trying to pair. The range of the bulb will expand after it is paired.

Où est votre centre de service? Ou puis-je envoyer mon produit à réparer?

Nos produits sont conçus pour avoir une utilisation longue et fiable. Si votre produit ne fonctionne pas bien et s'il est encore hors garantie, vous devrais contacter le magasin avec votre preuve d'achat et le faire remplacer.

Mon produit est défectueux. Que fais-je?

En cas de défaut, restituez le produit au revendeur en exposant le défaut et en remettant la preuve d'achat et tous les accessoires.
Pendant la période de garantie, le revendeur vous remettra un produit de remplacement, si celui-ci est disponible.
Conditions de garantie:


Which Zigbee devices are supported?

Can I pair my bulbs or devices from a different brand with the Trust Smart Home Zigbee products?

For a complete overview which lamps and devices are supported, see the compatibility overview

Can you control Trust Smart Home Zigbee products with current Trust Smart Home Start Line transmitters? (433 Mhz)

This is possible when using the ICS-2000 Control Station. Create a rule that has the Start Line receiver as a trigger and turning ON a Zigbee lamp as action.

With which other brands is my Trust Smart Home product compatible?

Trust Smart Home products are compatible with the Dutch KlikAanKlikUit products and the previously branded CoCo products.

The Trust Smart Home Zigbee line is also compatible with Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfr and Osram Lightify. For details see the compatibility overview.


What is the advantage of Zigbee?

Zigbee is a 2-way system, allowing you to see the status of your lights in our app. Apart from that, Zigbee uses mesh networking. If you use multiple lamps or other Zigbee devices, they amplify each others signal.


Conditions de garantie
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  • Exclusions de garantie :
    • dommages dus à des accidents ou des catastrophes, tels qu'incendie, inondations, tremblements de terre, guerre, vandalisme ou vol ;
    • incompatibilité avec d'autres matériels/logiciels non mentionnés dans les exigences système minimales ;
    • accessoires, tels que piles et fusibles.
  • Le fabricant ne peut en aucun cas être tenu responsable de tout dommage accidentel ou consécutif, y compris la perte de revenus ou autres pertes commerciales, découlant de l'utilisation de ce produit.


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