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With focus on quality products Trust offers reliable equipment exclusive to the B2B channel. The B2B channel exclusive range consists of must-have accessories for a productive working experience, supporting both working from home and from the office. All B2B exclusive products come in brown box, easy-to-open and sustainable packaging.


We offer a wide variety of mice for laptop and PC. Whether you prefer wired or wireless, we have got you covered.

B2B channel exclusive mouse
B2B channel exclusive mouse and keyboard set


Trust have a wide portfolio of keyboards and keyboard and mouse sets for laptop and PC. From wired to wireless to silent typing, so you don’t disturb your surroundings.


Since online meetings have become a big part of our workday, the quality of these meetings is more important than ever. With our QHD 2K webcam, you will meet in high definition; any place, any time.

B2B channel exclusive webcam
B2B channel exclusive mouse and keyboard set


With the full range of Trust headsets you can meet every personal and business need. You can go for an on-ear or over-ear headset and choose between a lightweight stereo headset or a high-quality USB headset.

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