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Скоростной концентратор и кардридер USB-C

Компактный алюминиевый 3-портовый USB-концентратор с устройством чтения карт памяти microSD/SD и разъемом USB-C

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Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Visual
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Visual
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Front
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Side
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Top
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Visual
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Visual
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Front
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Side
Halyx Fast USB-C Hub & Card reader-Top


The Trust Halyx USB & Card Reader Combo comes to the aid of anyone who needs to transfer data fast, while connecting their most important peripherals to their laptop. This small hub allows you to connect up to three USB devices to their PC, while only using a single USB-C port. And it comes with a fast (micro) SD card reader to boot.

Основные возможности

Transfer Data Fast

Thanks to the three USB 3.2 (Gen 1) connections of the Trust Halyx, you can easily plug in three different external hard drives. With transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, it finishes backing up large files before you return to your desk with a fresh coffee. And thanks to the integrated (micro) SD card reader, which supports SD, SDHC and SDXC cards of up to 2TB at a maximum transfer rate of 104MB/s, it’s a great solution for photographers and videographers, too.

Your Compact King

Due to the small size, it’s extremely tempting to take the Trust Halyx with you on your travels. That’s why this hub is made of durable die-cast aluminium, which means it’s protected from damaging when you’re on the go. And thanks to the short USB-C cable, both your desk and laptop bag stay clutter free.




Driver needed
Storable cable
Number of USB ports
Power switch
Height of main product (in mm)
114 mm
Width of main product (in mm)
29 mm
Depth of main product (in mm)
10 mm
Total weight
46 g
Weight of main unit
46 g


USB version
3.2 gen 1
Cable length main cable
15 cm


Power source


Compatible Device Types
laptop, pc
Compatible Consoles
PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Compatible Software Platforms
Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS

Дополнительная информация

1 год
Комплект поставки

USB-концентратор и кардридер

Системные Требования

Windows 10

MacOS High Sierra (версия 10.13) или более поздняя

Chrome OS

Порт USB-C





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