Trust’s Clevergreen efforts

Dordrecht, 15 July 2021, Press Release


Being sustainable is not achieved overnight, but something that needs constant attention. We are committed to make every effort in providing clever and sustainable solutions and explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Removing plastics & packaging reduction

We focus on clever changes that can make a difference and we have already hit some of our first milestones. We have switched to online manuals for most products, removing paper manuals from packaging. We have also reduced the size of our packaging and are replacing and removing inner buffers made of plastic.

Small changes can have a huge effect

All these efforts resulted in an average plastic reduction of over 38% percent in FY 2020/2021. We’re constantly looking for recyclable alternatives to traditional packaging methods and are preparing for various audits for sustainable certifications such as FSC. 

We need to pay evergreen attention to the planet and the people involved in our eco-system. It’s our responsibility and ambition to sustainably design products, run operations and offer consumers smart, affordable and sustainable choices. We launched our first of many upcoming sustainable products, a laptop bag made of recycled materials. The Atlanta laptop bag eco is a convenient and eco-friendly bag made from recycled 17 PET bottles. We are only at the start of our sustainable journey, and our teams are working on optimizing our production processes and supply chain every day.

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