Experience sound like never before with the new Fayzo Gaming Headsets

Dordrecht, 09 October 2023, Press Release

fayzo gaming headsets

Throw yourself right into the world of gaming with the Fayzo Multiplatform Gaming Headset and Fayzo 7.1 USB Gaming Headset. Offering high-quality audio, comfort, and a stylish design, these headsets truly take the gaming experience to the next level. 


Both headsets offer a number of great features: made with 85% recycled plastics, they allow gamers to take on challenges in-game and do their part for the planet in real life too. Extra-thick soft over-ear pads with a combination of mesh and leatherette materials make these headsets both breathable and sound-isolating, making them perfect for long sessions that require deep concentration. 50mm drivers offer top-notch audio, whilst a detachable microphone with pop filter provides crisp and clear communication with teammates. 


Each have their own unique qualities too. Compatible with all platforms with a 3.5mm connection, the Fayzo Multiplatform Gaming Headset can be used on PC, console and more. With an included 1.2m braided detachable cable, it’s easy to plug in and play, and even has an additional extra 1m adapter split cable specifically designed for PC gamers. This is the headset designed for versatile gaming. 


With a number of other features, the Fayzo 7.1 USB Gaming Headset has been designed for those who want to hear every footstep, word, shot and more. Virtual 7.1 surround sound transports players right to the centre of the game, whilst the noise-cancelling microphone ensures no background noise gets picked up whilst you’re playing. Multicolour RGB lighting with three colour modes add a pop of cool colour for a stylish setup, and the extra-long USB connection cable makes it easy to connect to PC or PlayStation. With the possibility to use the included PC software to tune the headset’s EQ, it can even be customised to provide the ideal sound experience for every player. 


Available now, the GXT 489 Fayzo Multiplatform Gaming Headset is on sale for RRP €39,99 and the GXT 490 Fayzo 7.1 USB Headset is on sale for RRP €49,99.


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