Trust ushers in a new era of productive working with the Ozaa range

Dordrecht, 09 April 2024, Press Release

ozaa compact multi device wireless mouse

It goes without saying that we all want to work better, faster, and with more productivity; which is why Trust announces two new office mice to join its already extensive range – the Ozaa Compact and Ozaa+. Both offering premium quality and sustainability, these mice have their own unique features which make them excellent companions for comfortable and constructive workdays. 


With a fully Trust owned-design, the Ozaa Compact brings fresh style for convenient working wherever you are. Available in four vibrant colours - black, white, blue, and purple, this aesthetically pleasing mouse fits each and every desk setup in the office or at home; and its compact form factor even makes it perfect for taking on the go. With a composition of 60% recycled plastics and a built-in rechargeable battery, it also aligns with Trust's commitment to sustainability, ideal for conscious users looking to work with the planet in mind.


Meanwhile, the Ozaa+ offers a renewed take on Trust's flagship design, offering all the great functionality of its predecessor but with even more features. Available in two sophisticated colour options – black and white – it allows users to fit the colour that best suits their personality but will still fit perfectly in a professional environment. 


Multi-device connectivity and a wireless interface provide seamless integration across various platforms, offering even more productivity during the day. A perfect grip and side scroll wheel deliver an ergonomic user experience ideal for long hours of use, whilst silent buttons ensure no disturbance to the user or those around them. Also crafted from 60% recycled plastics, the Ozaa+ also prioritises sustainability without compromising on comfort. 


Both highlighting Trust’s dedication to delivering innovative, sustainable, and ergonomic solutions for the modern workday, the Ozaa Compact and Ozaa+ are the sleek and convenient choice for every office or home working environment. 


Available now, the Ozaa Compact is on sale for RRP €39.99, with the Ozaa+ available from April 2024 for RRP €49.99.


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