New Trust GXT 863 Mazz Mechanical Keyboard

Dordrecht, 05 June 2021, Press Release


Trust GXT 863 Mazz Mechanical Keyboard equipped with lightning-fast mechanical switches lasting up to 50 million presses.


As games are getting faster and faster with each instalment, you need the equipment that can keep up. With the GXT 863 Mazz, Trust introduces a mechanical gaming keyboard with long lasting, quick responding switches and rainbow wave illumination. 

Thanks to the mechanical Outemu RED switches, the Trust GXT 863 Mazz is extremely quick. Key presses are registered almost immediately, making you act before you even realise you pressed a button. And it’s feature rich, too! With anti-ghosting, a separate gaming mode to help you stay focused on your game, and plenty of colourful options depending on your style, this is gaming at its finest.  

Mechanical Outemu RED Switches 

The Mazz is equipped with mechanical Outemu RED switches that will last up to 50 million keystrokes. With a trigger force of 50G and the actuation point of only 2mm, this is one fast keyboard. 

Gaming Mode: On 

By enabling the gaming mode, the Windows key is disabled. Stay in your game and stay focused. And with the anti-ghosting N-key rollover, every button press counts! 

Your Identity 

Colourful backlights will help you stand out in any situation. Adjust the brightness and choose from 14 different lighting modes, including rainbow waves, to truly make this gaming keyboard your own.  

Stay in the Game 

The Trust GXT 863 Mazz was designed to give you the upper hand in any situation. Its fast, reliable, and colourful, making this keyboard a great fit for any gamer who doesn’t want to be held back by their equipment.  

Trust is introducing this entry level mechanical keyboard at a new price point with the goal to strengthen its gaming keyboard assortment. The combination of price and competitive features like Outemu red switches are an interesting opportunity for PC gamers looking to replace their membrane (gaming) keyboard to give their set-up an upgrade. 

Trust Gaming – Share The Fun 

Trust Gaming is on a mission to share the fun of gaming. We offer a wide variety of products to support all types of gamers. Here you will find the right gear to meet every style, ambition, and budget, helping everyone get the most out of every game. Our family of gaming enthusiasts is ever-growing and headed by our ambassadors who inspire others to play. We bring gaming to life and players together. 

About Trust Gaming

Trust understands that you play games for social interaction, fun, and teamwork. You play together online or in real life, in a friendly yet competitive manner. And you want to improve your skills without spending a fortune. Trust's products are sleekly designed, durable, and sustainable – with plug and play capability. In this way, Trust Gaming makes smart, affordable, and quality gaming products available to everyone.

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