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Dordrecht, 15 November 2020, Press Release


Are you a PC or console gamer? To Trust Gaming, it doesn’t matter. We’re there for you! With accessories like headsets, controllers, chairs, microphones and even desks we support all gamers. Power up and play your game.

How do you play your game? At Trust, we know that everybody plays games in their own way. That’s why we create products for everyone. From the young enthusiasts and forgotten heroes, to the streaming champions and content creators. If you play games, either on console or gaming PC, we’re there for you. 


GXT 1190 Magnicus Gaming Desk with wireless charging

After the massive success of the Dominus, Trust is taking gaming desks to a whole new level. The Trust GXT 1190 Magnicus is a huge desk. With 160 x 82cm, the surface of this desk is large enough to house three 27” monitors, while still providing enough room to play. The entire surface is one big mousepad which should provide any gamer with enough freedom of movement, and it even comes with a built-in Qi charger for your smartphone.  

Of course, we had to listen to your feedback. That’s why the cup holder and headphone holder, which help you keep a clean desk both during and after gaming, can be mounted on four different spots. Place the Trust Magnicus in a corner or against a wall, lead your cables through the integrated cable management system, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate gaming set-up. 


XXL Surface 

Room for three monitors, the entire surface is one big mousepad. 

Integrated Qi Charger 

Keep your phone in one place and charge it wirelessly while you play. 

Clean Desk, Clean Mind 

Integrated cable management system, removable cup holder and headphone holder. 


GXT 712 Resto Pro Gaming Chair 

Comfort is king. That’s why Trust proudly presents a gaming chair made for royalty. This premium gaming chair is made from the strongest and most comfortable materials. It can be fully adjusted to suit your needs, making this the ultimate chair for the Trust Magnicus. High-quality vegan leather, elegant stitching and high-density padding in both the seat and backrest; this gaming chair will have you game comfortably for hours on end. 


Fully adjustable, high-density padding, lumbar and neck pillows. 

Spill Resistant 

Spilled your drink. No worries, the Resto Pro is low-maintenance. Wipe it clean and game on. 

Made for Royalty 

High-quality vegan leather, elegant stitching, suede look-and-feel details, and extremely comfortable. 


GXT 259 Rudox Studio Microphone with reflection filter


Studio quality recordings from your very own game room. The Trust GXT 259 Rudox is a high-end microphone that lets you do professional quality voice-overs for videos, podcasts… you name it. You can even use it to record your own songs. The included reflection filter makes sure that the microphone picks up the best sound quality for your recordings. And by removing the reflection filter, it’s a great microphone for streaming, too! 

Studio Quality Sound 

The cardioid pattern produces a warm and clear sound without background noise. 

Reflection Filter 

The included filter reduces unwanted echoes to record your voice to perfection. 


Use it for podcasts, voice-over, music and vlogs. By removing the filter, it’s great for streaming, too! 


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About Trust Gaming

Trust understands that you play games for social interaction, fun, and teamwork. You play together online or in real life, in a friendly yet competitive manner. And you want to improve your skills without spending a fortune. Trust's products are sleekly designed, durable, and sustainable – with plug and play capability. In this way, Trust Gaming makes smart, affordable, and quality gaming products available to everyone.


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