Pro sound quality with Trust’s Onyx microphone

Dordrecht, 14 September 2021, Press Release


Record podcasts, voice-overs and stream like a pro with the new Trust GXT 255+ Onyx professional microphone with arm

With its cardioid recording pattern, a shock mount, zero-latency monitoring and a flexible, but sturdy, microphone arm, the Trust Onyx makes professional voice recordings and streaming accessible to all.

The Trust Onyx is ideal for aspirational and professional content creators that are recording on a daily base for hobby or for work and are looking for a microphone with professional features. This professional-grade microphone that can be plugged into a PC via USB, is developed with ease-of-use in mind. A second USB connection is available for extra convenience, and a multicolour LED for style. The combination of the high-quality mic and the flexible arm, with an integrated USB cable, provides everything needed for studio-quality audio recording.


Studio-grade sound
The cardioid recording pattern makes sure you only record your voice, with as little background noise as possible. And it comes with a pop filter to help reduce annoying ‘p’ and ‘f’ sounds.

Flexible arm
The professional microphone arm is flexible and sturdy, while it houses the USB cable of the mic for a clean look. And there’s even a second USB connector available for extra convenience.


Zero-latency monitoring
Plug a headset in the 3,5mm AUX connector and hear what you record in real time, without delay. It makes adjusting the gain to the right setting way easier when you hear what you’re doing.

6-colour LEDs
Give your streams a bit of extra pizzazz with the 6 colour LEDs. Choose what suits you best and connect with your audience. Plus, it’s functional too, as the LEDs turn to red when you mute the mic.

Going pro made easy
The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is the easiest way to boost the quality of recordings and streams: studio-grade audio, a flexible and sturdy arm, and a simple setup through USB without the need of a separate mixer. 


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