Trust Gaming presents new range of accessories for PS5

Dordrecht, 15 February 2021, Press Release


The next generation is now! Trust Gaming presents a wide range of accessories that help you get the most out of your new PlayStation 5.


As gamers worldwide are making the transition to the PS5, it’s clear they need the accessories to enjoy their new gaming machine to the fullest. From controller skins to headsets and from thumb grips to a professional microphone for your streams; Trust has got you covered. 


Perhaps one of the biggest revolutions of the PlayStation 5 is the new controller. Everything from the shape to the triggers has been updated. Because of this, Trust presents new controllers skins, thumb grips and even a convenient charge station to enhance the experience even further. On top of that, our new Carus headset and Fyru professional-grade microphone allow any gamer to be heard correctly and create quality streams. Play your game and get the most out of your PlayStation 5.


GXT 323W Carus Gaming Headset

Our popular Carus Gaming Headset is updated to fit the aesthetic of the PS5 perfectly. When playing with friends or competitively, the Trust Carus is your MVP during online play. 


GXT 251 Duo Charging Dock for PS5

Always have your controllers ready. With the Duo Charging Station you’ll charge up to two controllers at the same time, so that they’ll be ready to game when you are.



Improve the PlayStation 5 controller even further with our silicone skins. Better grip, easy to clean, and they provide your controllers with a unique identity: your own.


GXT 266 4-pack Thumb Grips for PS5 

Games are getting more intense and the thumb grips help you stay in control. Better grip during the most hectic games. Two of the thumb grips are even glow-in-the-dark to create a great look.


GXT 258W Fyru USB 4-in-1 Streaming Microphone PS5 

The Trust Fyru has already been the go-to microphone for content creators and this new white variant makes it the perfect mic for PS5 gamers. Suitable for streams and podcasts, even music recording! 

Play your game! 


With these products Trust Gaming is aiming to be the perfect teammate for gamers. We help you stay in control. We help you create awesome content. And we help you enjoy games to the fullest. Are you ready for next gen? Trust is! 

About Trust Gaming

Trust understands that you play games for social interaction, fun, and teamwork. You play together online or in real life, in a friendly yet competitive manner. And you want to improve your skills without spending a fortune. Trust's products are sleekly designed, durable, and sustainable – with plug and play capability. In this way, Trust Gaming makes smart, affordable, and quality gaming products available to everyone.

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