Trust introduces new video conferencing solution IRIS

Dordrecht, 16 March 2021, Press Release


New plug & play video conferencing solution turning any office space into a video conference room.


The 'new normal' that radically changed our way of living and working last year, has already become 'just normal' for many of us. Almost overnight video meetings have become a regular part of our working day. Businesses had to quickly review and adapt their internal organisation to facilitate this new method of communication. Trust, an established brand in digital accessories, is responding to this demand by launching a new product this week targeting the business market.


Kim Koers, Marketing Director at Trust explains: ‘The coronavirus changed the way of working for millions of people across the world. This was reflected almost immediately in sales figures for webcams. Of course, these changes also affected our own company and taught us to explore the way people will work and communicate in the long term. It proved a logical step to design a new product for the office: IRIS. It will make video conferencing feel almost as personal as meetings previously did in conventional meeting rooms.’ 


IRIS is an all-in-one video conference solution that transforms almost every office space and small meeting room into a professional video conference room. The device is very easy to install and instantly provides an optimal connection between the people in the conference room and all remote participants. IRIS falls into the plug & play category, which means it is up and running within minutes.  


IRIS’ high-end lens and innovative software also offers various smart options: the participant mode uses the wide-angle view to fit everyone in the frame, and the speaker mode automatically zooms in on the person who is speaking. The voice optimised speaker guarantees clear sound with the feeling of space while the built-in noise cancelling technology prevents ambient sound from disturbing your meeting. This all-in-one solution comes at the very affordable recommended reseller price of €799. 


Craig Hill, Head of B2B from Trust, explains: ‘Many businesses are adapting to this new and contemporary way of working. Even when people partly return to the office, many will work from home more often than before. This offers a challenge for many IT managers and office managers. Trust provides a solution. Through our products, we want to help companies hold their meetings at a safe distance while maintaining the personal element. High-quality equipment is essential for this, but at the same time we believe that this needs to be accessible to every company, large or small. That is why IRIS is both efficient and affordable. The device is ready for use within minutes and you decide whether to use Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or another video conferencing application. It simply works!’ 

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