Studio quality recordings with Trust Rudox microphone

Dordrecht, 01 November 2020, Press Release


Anyone who’s dreaming of becoming a streamer, needs the right equipment for the job. The Trust GXT 259 Rudox USB microphone with reflection filter provides any gamer with big aspirations with a complete studio setup: a cardioid mic with studio quality recordings and a reflection filter to reduce echoes and noise. 

Thanks to the single USB cable, anyone can use the Rudox. That’s why Trust has made this complete audio setup suitable for any application. Use it for voice work like podcasts, streaming and voice-overs, or pursue a career in music. Zero-latency monitoring allows you to listen to what you’re recording without delay, while the cardioid pattern reduces background noise. 


Complete Studio Setup
The Trust GXT 259 Rudox provides everything you need for professional studio quality recordings: a high-quality microphone and a reflection filter.


Cardioid Pattern
Produce clear and focused recordings and streams without background noise. The cardioid pattern focuses on what’s important: your voice.


Zero-latency monitoring
The Trust Rudox has a headphone output that allows you to listen to your recordings, without any delay.


Shock mount
This studio-mic comes with a high-quality shock mount, a stable metal stand and a pop filter. It also uses a 5/8” screw mount to fit most microphone arms.


Easy to use
The Trust GXT 259 Rudox uses a standard USB cable and doesn’t require a complicated setup with an external mixer. A 1.8m long USB cable is included in the package.


With the GXT 259 Rudox, Trust is happy to bring studio quality recording to gamers worldwide. #ShareTheFun


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