The sound of success: Trust’s updated gaming speaker assortment

Dordrecht, 23 October 2023, Press Release

gxt 612 cetic rgb gaming speaker set

With more immersive games than ever before, Trust introduces a new wave of compact, high-quality and affordable gaming speakers that allow players to enjoy their audio experience like never before. All under 50EUR, the Cetic, Wezz, Thorne and Javv speakers all provide gamers with small-size, illuminated and USB-powered ways to take their sound to the next level. 


GXT 612 Cetic Bluetooth Gaming Speaker Set

With a convenient Bluetooth connection, the Cetic works wirelessly or wired via the 3.5mm audio input. The touch-controlled multicolour RGB lighting adds a pop of style to gamers’ setups, whilst its composition of 76% recycled plastics keeps it green no matter which colour mode it’s on. 


Available now, the Cetic is on sale for RRP €49.99.


GXT 611 Wezz Illuminated 2.0 RGB Speaker Set

Full of style, the Wezz is as colourful as they come. The full illuminated front with pulsating RGB lighting brings a new level of excitement to movies, music and games, with different light effects that can even react to the beat of the music. What’s more, the sound and light can also be controlled with a separate included remote for added convenience. 


Available now, the Wezz is on sale for RRP €39.99.


GXT 619 Thorne RGB Illuminated Soundbar

Previously available in a sleek black design, Trust has recently released a brand new white version of the Thorne Soundbar to match the growing trend for white gaming peripherals. Its space-saving design makes it super simple to place under a monitor, freeing up desk space for other items and accessories; and places it in the perfect position for an immersive sound experience. 


Available now, the Thorne is on sale for RRP €49.99.


GXT 606 Javv RGB Illuminated 2.0 Speaker Set

Also revamped, the Javv takes on a new persona with its brand new full black design. Compact and easy to use, it enjoys the same simple plug and plug capability included with all Trust speakers. An easy to reach knob on the front allows users to control sound, with a touch control button on top to switch the RGB lighting on and off. 


Available now, the Javv is on sale for RRP €29.99.


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