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Multimedia Keyboard

Stylish and versatile keyboard with 46 special function keys for office, internet, e-mail, clipboard, multimedia and system use

Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E-Visual
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E-Visual


Extra information

Item number
EAN code
Former name

Easy Scroll Silverline Keyboard PS/2 & USB

1 year
Package contents


USB to PS/2 converter

Multi language user's manual

CD-ROM with application software and manual

Quick installation guide

System requirements

Pentium 133 CPU

PS/2 keyboard connection

32 MB of system memory

8 MB free harddisk space

CD-ROM drive

Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP

PC supporting ACPI for use power management keys

Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and email program for full function use

Other versions

Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E FR
Item number 13158
EAN code 8713439131581
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E IT
Item number 13159
EAN code 8713439131598
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E DE
Item number 13160
EAN code 8713439131604
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E UK
Item number 13161
EAN code 8713439131611
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E ES
Item number 13162
EAN code 8713439131628
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E DK
Item number 13385
EAN code 8713439133851
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E BE
Item number 13391
EAN code 8713439133912
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E SE
Item number 13400
EAN code 8713439134001
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E NO
Item number 13447
EAN code 8713439134476
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E PT
Item number 13456
EAN code 8713439134568
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E GR
Item number 13457
EAN code 8713439134575
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E CZ
Item number 13632
EAN code 8713439136326
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E HU
Item number 13635
EAN code 8713439136357
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E LT
Item number 13761
EAN code 8713439137613
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E TR
Item number 13887
EAN code 8713439138870
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E SK
Item number 14018
EAN code 8713439140187
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E RU
Item number 14155
EAN code 8713439141559
Multimedia Keyboard KB-2100E HR
Item number 14773
EAN code 8713439147735




Version 1.1 | Multilingual

Size: 0.06 MB
Type: pdf

Version 1.0 | Multilingual

Size: 0.34 MB
Type: pdf

Version 1.0 | English

Size: 0.76 MB
Type: pdf



Type: pdf
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