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4 in 1 Gaming bundle: keyboard, headset, mouse and mouse pad

4 in 1 Gaming bundle, with comfortable headset, full size keyboard, optical mouse and non-slip mouse pad

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Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle-Visual



Compatible Device Types
pc, laptop, gaming console
Compatible Consoles
PS4, Xbox One
Compatible Software Platforms
Chrome OS, MacOS, Windows

Extra information

Item number
EAN code
1 year
Package contents

Gaming keyboard

Gaming headset

Gaming mouse

Mouse pad

System requirements

Windows 10, 8 or 7

PC or laptop with 2 free USB ports for keyboard & mouse

3.5mm headphone & microphone connections for headset


Combined 3.5 mm headphone/microphone connection

Other versions

Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle DE
Item number 22309
EAN code 8713439223095
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle FR
Item number 22310
EAN code 8713439223101
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle IT
Item number 22311
EAN code 8713439223118
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle ES
Item number 22312
EAN code 8713439223125
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle TR
Item number 22313
EAN code 8713439223132
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle RU
Item number 22314
EAN code 8713439223149
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle UA
Item number 22315
EAN code 8713439223156
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle HU
Item number 22317
EAN code 8713439223170
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle PT
Item number 22318
EAN code 8713439223187
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle CZ/SK
Item number 22427
EAN code 8713439224276
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle BR
Item number 22428
EAN code 8713439224283
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle ND
Item number 22641
EAN code 8713439226416
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle UK
Item number 22594
EAN code 8713439225945
Ziva 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle CH
Item number 22981
EAN code 8713439229813




Version 1.0 | Multilingual
Quick install manual

Size: 10.02 MB
Type: pdf



Type: pdf

Legal & Compliance information

Version 1.0 | Multilingual
Legal & Compliance information

Size: 2.52 MB
Type: pdf
faq FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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